Is it worth starting a blog with Are you still stuck in the '90s?? This would be the first question that would come to mind for those who are into blogging/websites etc. But there is a consistent number of Young bloggers who are still considering, for a Reason. 

The simple reason is it is "Secure", "No Up-front cost", "No Coding skills required", "No Maintenance required", and "It is Google's Product". 

But there are serious limitations to it as well, like the "Templets", and "Flexibility". Yes, I do admit that there are limitations like Templet's design and the Flexibility to add "shopping cart" and other stuff. The single most drawback for is "Templets", However, you can purchase 3rd party temples from the web. 

The other interesting question that was raised by many Young and New Bloggers and website developers asked is the URL. They worry that the URL will show a negative effect on the ranking. Which is 100% wrong. Top sites like still follows the same kind of URL that was followed by in its posts. 

Okay, let's stick with the question,

Is it worth starting a blog with

The answer is "YES". 

It sure does. Don't care about all those words, that have no base at all. 

The hard truth is, that if you go with WordPress, you need hosting, for that you need good initial investment and they'll, I'll get some portion of it in the form of commission. If you wish to try you can try with Free services like and then go after the paid ones, like Wix, and WordPress. 
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If you have enough Coding (Basics) and other technical knowledge and have enough initial capital then you can go after "" or Wix, for which you need to keep track of each and everything. 

Is it worth starting a blog with

There are many other factors you need to consider before considering 

Just like many starters, who are wondered and had little self-confidence, I would suggest starting with 


1. You get to know you're "Commitment" and "Potential". 
2. It can be a Practice ground, before going to the Premium platform like WordPress, or Wix. 
3. You'll learn what it takes to write a long and a few blogs, and committing it for a while. 
4. Any time you can transfer the data from Blogger to WordPress, there are no complications involved in it. 
5. You're initial capital is little to non. You might buy the "Domain". You'll also get a free domain (You're, but if you want to look a little professional I would suggest buying a Custome domain. 
6. There is no maintenance at all. Once you set up, there is no need to worry about backups and other stuff. 
7. If you wish to "Monetize", then you can simply ask for Google Adsence approval from the blogger platform itself. 
8. "Security" is no concern, since it is hosted on Google servers and maintained by Google, there is no need to worry about Security. 
9. It is very very user friendly. It is like writing a word document on Google docs. 
10. From an SEO point of view, there is no need to worry, those myths and lies are not at all applicable if you have Really Really good content, with a Custom Domain.  

I think I might have given you enough reason to think about, right. let's talk more about 

What is is one of the first Blogging sites that saw the face of the internet. It is around 20+ years since they were to be known to the public. Actually, there stared their journey even before the ".COM bubble" which ended in 2001. 

Is it worth starting a blog with

For those who are into coding and development, it is one of the first sites that ate written in "Python" Language which in recent days A hot cake. Dack in 1999 Blogger was officially open to the public. It has been 21 years since the date it was launched. 

Let's start with a brief history. 

In mid-1999, Blogger was launched by Pyra Labs. As one of the earliest "dedicated" blog-publishing sites. That time users can type in Text only. It was hoped to replace "NewsPapers" one day.  

Because of its initial success, in February 2003, Pyra Labs was acquired by Google. From that point on google had added some of the premium features to it. From 2004 on words, users can add Images, Videos, and stuff to the site. 

From late 2004 on words, with Google help Blogger is able to offer, templets that are much faster to load and easy to operate, features. 

In early 2007 Blogger was completely sitting on Google servers, that time one of the complicated and highly advanced servers. Till to date, the blogger is hosted on secure Google servers. is also one of the top 10 ranking site address for a long time. 

If you're thinking to post Hate speech or if you try to violate google policies your site will be Blocked. So be care full. It applies to any kind of site on the web, nowadays. 

Blogger is available in nearly 60+ Languages and all most all the countries use it. But few countries like Vietnam, Syria, Cuba, Iran, Pakistan, and a few more don't allow it. If you guys are from these countries you might have to think differently. 

It is a Free product that is offered by Google from the beginning. You just need a Gmail account to start a blog/website on 

Is it worth starting a blog with

Now you know what is is let's find more about its features, advantages, and disadvantages. 


There are many interesting and best features that you can find on, which you can find as a paid option on other CMS(Content management sites) like Wix. 

  • Just like any other blogging services like WordPress, Wix, tumbler, or any of those cases, it supports all the features that they provide. 
  • Blogger supports Test, Images, Video, Gif, Code. You can put any kind of digital content on the blogger. 
  • There is no limit to the number of posts on blogger, but you can post only 50 per day. 
  • You can modify the hyperlink, but the limit is 500 characters.
  • Images storage is only 1 GB. My opinion is, it is not a problem since, you have 15 GB of storage space given by google. So you can save the image there and you can insert it here. On average it takes 5000+ blog posts if you wish to fill 1GB of that space.  
  • You can also invite others to write on your blog post. This feature is not available on many blogging platforms. 
  • You have a well-structured community, where you can find any kind of solution, related to blogger. 
  • There is no page limit, you can write a Mile long blog as well. 


Here are some of the interesting advantages of that are very useful. 

  • The single most selling point for is it is 100% free. With just one Gmail you can have 100 blogs. You also get a free domain, which I don't recommend. You can find the good domain at rock bottom prices on google domains. 
  • Little to non-maintained required from day one. 
  • Fully controlled and operated by Google, on its servers. 
  • No need to worry about backup. With just one click you can save all you're information, to google drive or you can download all the stuff. 
  • Moving from Blogger to WordPress is very easy. 
  • With one click you can request for google AdSense request and you can get approved in no time. 
  • If you search, you can find really interesting temples, on the web. 
  • No Need to worry about upgrades. Since it is a SaaS platform, all the features are upgraded whenever google releases new updates. 


Dis-advantages are inevitable for anything that is created by humans. so does Here are some of the disadvantages of the
  • Little dated Templets and it is very difficult to find templets. But you can hire freelancers to build fully custom designed and built temples. 
  • The URL is a little difficult to change. The date that you see won't affect your SEO ranking but, you can not remove it. 
  • Features are limited. It is difficult to add an online store or online login form to a blogger site.
  • "UI" AKA User Interface AKA what you see is a little clumsy. With google templets, you can overcome that drawback. 

Now the question is "Is it worth starting a blog with"

It is completely up to you. Since it is 100% free and no cost involved, you can make a good income out of it if you're able to position well on the niche. 

Is it worth starting a blog with

At this point, you know what is what and how does it work right. 

Basically, a blogger is a fully prebuilt platform that is very easy to use. You can simply log in and start blogging on it. there are no skills required to operate it or to main it. It is completely free and it is a Google product. Which is more secure than any other regular websites that you use online. 

If you which to be a Content Producer not a Content consumer for free then start with this. What you need to do is simply login with you're Gmail id and buy a customer Domain to your liking and set up the platform, and pour your mind into it. 

When it comes to the actual question, yes it sure does worth starting you're blog with Since there is nothing to lose. Many times people confuse the terms "" and the "". is the website that you login to and start writing stuff. Whereas Blogspot is the free subdomain that'll appear at the end of another URL if you're using a free domain, which I don't recommend. 

Now it's up to you to vote. 

Would you like to start with (Which I definitely recommend) or start with an expensive and time taking Content Management Sites(CMS) like WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace, etc? 

Final thought

If I were you I would definitely give it a shot. There is nothing to lose, and you'll get to know well about the platform and there is no cost at all. If you're able to make it a habit or steady stream of side income or if you wish to make it as a side hustle, I definitely recommend it. 

If your blog is growing very well and you're Niche is finding it very useful, then you can monetize it or you can export it to customer build sites on WordPress as well. It is very easy to transfer stuff from blogger to WordPress.
As it is a google product and which is also free to use and hosted on Google servers, there is no scope of security threats and even the loading speed of blogger websites is much faster when compared with other sites. Google has its data centers all over the globe. so no need to worry about downtime. 

If you're able to turn your passion into a habit then would be the ideal starting point. Don't worry about the stuff that people tell on the web. Firest give it a shot, and you'll understand it more than those who tell nonsense on the web. So all the best with