Make Money Blogging

You may be a Blogger, Website owner, or anything, you may give services for free, but at the end of the day, "money" matters. 

Blogging is not new to this world. It has been since the 1990s. Till 2007 it was seen as a personal blog, and monetization wasn't a thing then. Fast forward to 2020, some bloggers make more than a Million Dollars. It all depends on Patience and Dedication. 

You and I are here to make money online. Right. If you're new to this world, then welcome to the heard truth. 

Many people might have told you that making money online is very easy. But it is not. 

Monetization is not easy, it might take A Month or a Year. There is no shortcut to making money "Fast". 

If you want to make money Fast you're not in the right place. I'm not going to tell you how to make $10000 in a Month. 

But I'm going to tell you how you can make more than that in One month within 12 Months.

Reminder: This needs Dedication and Patience.

make money blogging

Do you want the Blog to be a Passive income Source? Or the Active income source? 

My suggestion is if you are a starter then choose it as a passive income, and then if you really fit in then convert it into the mainstream of income source. 

Blogging is the best way to make money while sleeping. 

How to Make Money Blogging

Here are the top 10 ways to make money blogging. Let's start with the famous, yet easiest way to make money online. "ADS"

1. Banner ads

The banner is one of the simplest ways to make money. you simply have to go to  Google AdSense account and sign up. Follow the steps, and you're done. 

If you have consistent traffic and, if any of the readers click on the banner you get paid. The price per click may vary from place to place and product to product. 

This is the simple image of what the banner ad looks like. 

2. Banner ads

Banner ads are the oldest and easy way to make money. But the only problem is you need to have a good and consistent amount of traffic to your blog. 

Even though Banner ads are very much popular all over the world, experienced bloggers are not opting for this method, they are mostly focusing on "Affiliate marketing"

Let's find out what is "affiliate marketing" and how we can make money out of it. 

2. Affiliate marketing

"Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others, and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make."

Affiliate marketing is the best way to make good money on Blogs. In 2020 Affiliate is the go-to place for many bloggers to make money. 

But you need to provide valuable content to you're the audience, and motivate them in such a way that they will but that product or the service. 

Most of the bloggers start with Amazon Affiliate program

Amazon Affiliate program.

For every sale that you made with the affiliate link, you'll make a commission out of it. Many modern bloggers opt for affiliate marketing rather than Banner ads. 

Sponsored posts are also the easiest way to make money, however, it comes only through hard work and authority. 

3. Sponsored Post

Paid Sponsored Post is not a new thing. It is there for a long time. 

Paid Sponsored post means, you as a writer of a community/Niche will be hired by some other blogger/businesses to write a Sponsored post on your Blog. 

If you have a large number of followers and good ranking, then you'll be approached by brands, to promote their products and services. You can charge them based on the views, followers, and various other parameters. 
Sponsored posts are designed to educate, inspire, and provide brand awareness.
For every post you write on other bloggers, you'll be paid based on the agreement. 

The sponsor can hire you from freelancing websites or they can directly approach you. 

Some well-established writers can charge any were from 80 to 100 Dollars per hour, that is for every word that they wite costs around 50 to 90 Cents. 

Website Copywriter Pricing: How Much Does Copywriting Cost?

For Starters, this is the best way to know others in the field and make money out of it. However, you need to have in-depth knowledge about what you want to write. 

If you're a business owner then you must consider "Co-Branding". Most of the popular brands do co-branding to date. For example Redbull and GoPro. IT is the most successful co-branding campaign ever made. 

4. Create Co-branding 

Co-Branding is another best way, to get paid a good sum of money. If you're a well established Blogger in the field, then you have a higher chance of becoming co-brander for another blogger or a company/product. 

Reaching hight in the field of blogging is easy, but it takes time and dedication. Once you're on the top you can do whatever you want. 

The best example of co-branding is Dell and Intel. 


You might be using This right now. IF you look into the Dell website you'll see intel too. 

Because they both do Co-Branding. 

It is a Win-Win situation for both. 

But be care full while choosing a Co-Branding Partner. 

If you've got the resources and connections you can opt for this valuable option. It is similar to affiliate marketing, but you get to choose what you can do with the promoter. 

5. Sell stuff (yours, Others)

Selling Stuff like Online courses, Material, or Products, It may be you'res or others. 

This process might take some time in the beginning, but it is the best way when comparing to Affiliate marketing. 

Sell stuff online

For starters, many bloggers not only me would recommend is to have good content on the blog and then, opt towards other bloggers, in the niche promote or sell their products. 

Creating an E-book won't be a bigger deal. If you do have the time you can make an e-book, release a sample of that on the web for free and ask them to buy for the full version. it is the trending money-making model. 

6. Create an E-Book or online course

If you like to write books then you can make another stream of income out of your blog. 

Simply you can publish a book on the Amazon for a higher price, and publish the same book on you're website at discount. 

Convert your readers to buy your book with additional discounts and offers. 

E-Book or online course

If there is good traction to your blog than they are most likely to but the book. and they can promote for free, in that niche. 

yes! this might take time to build a book or the courses, but its worth will be determined later. 

This way you can diversify your blog too. 

If your blog doesn't make money through ads, you can make money with Books and Courses, that you have on the blog. 

If you're a leader in the niche, you're most likely get asked to do this kinda work." Paid-Consulting". Some bloggers and website owners charge up to $10,000 per day. charges may vary based on time and completion. 

7. Paid-Consulting/Reviews

Paid consulting and Paid Reviews are the most trendy ways to make quick money online. For this, you need to have a good grip on the subject that you're working on. at the same time, you need to have authority in the market place. 

Simply no one will hire you to review your website. They need certain proof. Which can be your work, like website, previous clients, and other stuff. 


It is similar to selling your services online. The only difference is you need to be interactive and able to find the flaws in the system. This comes with experience. 

Many top bloggers regularly do this kinda stuff. 

Selling online space is relatively new. Back in 2013, there is no such thing call digital real estate. But now news blogs and travel blogger are selling their blog/digital space. 

8. Selling your "Space"

If you're placing ads in between your post, you kinda using this method. However, this is a little bit the same as google ads. 

The only difference is you get to know what you're dealing with. Which means you'll know who is trying to promote or want to buy the space in your blog. These kinds of deals are often made with real estate bloggers. 

If I buy a certain portion of your blog, then ill have the control of that part. I can promote my products or I can also use that place to promote other products or services too. 

It is similar to Realestate. You own the land, but you sell a little portion of it for "premium". 

You can sell the space for a lifetime or you can lease it (for a certain period) as well. 

If you intend to make money this way you make sure the buyer is authentic and prepare the policies and other legal stuff carefully. 

These methods are not given much importance due to lack of trackability and the difficulty in placing ads according to the buyer request. And this also includes a little bit of coding. So many simply ignore this type of promotion.

One of the steady money-making tactics is paid link building. You know that backlinks are very important for SEO ranking right. Similarly, you can charge those who ever request you to promote their links. 

9. Paid-Link Building

It is one of the oldest link building strategies that was followed by many bloggers in the early days. but this kinda tricks are banned by google. 

However, these are being used by a few bloggers to date, in a way that Google has no right to ban them. 
Link building

Simply pasting the bulk of links in your blog post is not going to help you in any way. While you're posting backlinks you need to be very careful, where you're pasting them. 

Many bloggers, especially in the fields of Finance, Automobiles, and Healthcare bloggers charge a hefty price just for placing one link. The simple reason being the price of that product or service that they are pasting there. 

If you intend to choose this kind of promotional aspect, you need to be very careful which whom you're dealing with. 

Here the ROI is high, at the same time risk is very high as well. 

And the last but not the least, Running campaigns. Famous bloggers regularly do these campaigns. They get bulk money immediately. This needs authority, and grip over the subject that they are trying to do. 

10. Running Virtual Campaigns

You can also run campaigns as well. For example, you're organizing an event and the person who needs to attend has to pay some Fee. 

This not simple. But if you have a good follower base and able to achieve good traffic to you're blog, then it'll be easy to run virtual campaigns. 

Running Virtual Campaigns
If you're able to succeed in one or two campaigns then it'll be easy to run campaigns for others as well, in which you can promote yourself and also charge the promoter. 

Now it's your turn. What are your plans? Are you willing to monetize your blog? if so, then what type of method do you prefer? I hope this blog "10 ways to make money blogging" gave you enough knowledge. On making money online. 

You can choose whatever that you're comfortable with. However, check at least 10 sites in your niche and understand the process that they are following. Then implement them as well for better results.