How to Choose Blog Topic
Picking a topic is not as easy as it is said. You and can blog on anything and everything. But there is a catch, if there are no viewers/Audience to that post that you worked very hard, would be virtually worthless. 

Believe me guys, I made the same mistake, blogging whatever I liked. This might have worked in the 2000s. But not it won't work at all. It ever owns see any page on google search results. 

    How to pick a Blog Topic

    In this particular blog, ill tell you the process of picking the right topic that you can blog. and help you to choose the best one possible. 

    Here are the tips to choose a blog topic

    There is no one way to pick a “Niche” topic for a blog. Everything boils down to one thing “Content”, Is it new, does it worth it. 
    These are some questions that you need to ask your self, 

    • Are  you Passionate About it
    • Topic You Enjoy Researching and Telling to others any time
    • Choose a Topic You Don't Mind Debating With Other People
    • If you can live with one Topic for the rest of your life what would you choose
    • Controversial may not be Good Ides but some may work, depends on the Topic. 

    There are many bloggers on the internet and on YouTube say "Follow your passion" "Passion is the key" or "Run after money""Money is the Key" or "Start a blog on trendy thing" "everyone will search for the new trend" What??? Seriously dude!!!

    Okay, it doesn't matter, ignore that and follow me. 

    There is a marketing Term called "Niche"? Do you ever come across this ever if not you should chick my previous blog? 
    Previously in my blog "Start a Blog" I've mentioned the word "NICHE", do you remember!!! if not it's okay ill tell you about it in this blog, and why this word will help you in picking the right topic. 

    So what is Niche any way? 

    Don't worry guys ill tell you everything in detail about it, and why this will help you in picking the right Topic to blog. 

    Meaning according to Google. 

    How to find a Profitable niche

    What is Niche Selection

    Now did you understand what Niche is? if yes that's great. If not don't worry read the following example, you'll understand. 

    1. Lamborghini, Porsche does not advertise on any platform. Do you know why They focus only on the top 1% of Rich people who have plenty of wealth? That means advertising on TV or Newspaper is not worthy of them.  

    Or take another example, 

    2. If you're a sportsperson. Then what sport do you like? If Cricket, then which team? If you like Chennai super kings, then which team player do you like. If Ms. Dhoni, 

    Now, You your self defined a Niche. This will apply anywhere. 

    "Tesla and SpaceX are the Best examples for Niche"

    Now You understood what the Niche is? Let's move on.

    You should try to answer the following questions to your self first. 

    1. Do you have enough knowledge of the topic than others?
    2. Do you have a good following on Social media?
    3. How much time are you willing to spend on it daily?
    4. Do you think you can teach 100 different people about it? 
    5. What is the competition for that topic or product in the market? (If <35%, you're good to go)

    If you are able to answer all the above then you're half a way through in picking the topic. 

    Let's solve one more important puzzle about it and then we're done with picking the topic. 

    What blogs make quick money? 

    I know this would be your next question Right? 

    Let's address this one. What blogs make money. 

    To be frank any blog with defined purpose will and can make money. 

    Let me give you an example. 

    If you're a traveler, and you use to blog everything about travel, I mean everything, like what food you eat, what places you saw. Do you think you can make money out of that? Yes. you can. 

    If someone like me want to go to Paris, what would I do to go to Google and search for the place? If I saw your blog while scrolling and read the total blog and feel inspired and if I click on the Ad / Advertisement or the link to book a hotel, you will get money for that. 

    So let's see what blogs can make money.

    As I said if you have a grip on the Niche you can make money. 

    Here is the list of top blogging Niches 

    " These are in Alphabetical order"

    1. Automobile blog   
    2. Crafts and DYE
    3. Health Blog    
    4. Food and Recipes
    5. Fitness Blog
    6. Fashion or Lifestyle Blog
    7. Money 
    8. Pet Blog
    9. Technology Blog 
    10. Travel Blog 
    These are the top 12 Blogs that make more money than other blogs. But these are the most profitable blogs in 2020. This may vary but topics don't change