Find a Domain name

How to choose a Domain name for your blog. this is the first question that came to my mind when I thought about starting a blog. 

I think you have the same question. If so, follow me till the end, you can find a perfect blog name. 

"Naming a Blog is like naming your Baby" so be careful.

Finding a Domain name
Do you ever have doubts about what is a domain? 

It means, 

"You can’t have a website without a domain name. Like a street address that tells people where you live, a domain helps customers drive directly to your website. - GoDaddy"

It has two parts one is its name and the other is the extension. 

This is like your full name. 

For example, You're the first name and you're maiden name. 

Take my blog: "Bloggingformulae" is like my first name and ".com" is like my maiden name. 

Now, did you understand rite, let's move on. 

Many bloggers follow their minds. They simply keep their own Name or Their Maiden Name as the blog name. This type of name also works a lot.

But you should be confident about it. 

Just for the sake of a free Domain name or the cheaper option, do not choose that name. This might help you save money.

But are you satisfied with it? 

There were cases, few people simply buy good domain names and try to resell at higher rates. This is also a worthy business. But be careful. 

If you find the perfect name try to find who owns it. If it is available for resale, do not hesitate to buy it. 

This might be your initial expense, but if you're confident about it then, don't look back. 

1. What is the first word/Name that gets to you mind apart from your name

Frankly, I've no idea why I choose this point. 

But I'll tell you why. 

It is a proven fact that, if you buy a new pen 98% of people write their name first, followed by the word that they like the most. 

In my case, I use to write "formulae" all the time. I kinda like it. "but I hate Math"

So I choose 'formula after blogging'. 

This way you can make your childhood passion for writing something into writing something for the greater good. 

2. Do the research and collect at least 5 to 10 domains that you like

Take me as an example, first when I choose to start a blog 'again' i choose some other domain and started blogging in that, but I wasn't happy. 

so I quit that. 

Again I choose this blog. ''. and started fresh. Now I'm good and happy about it. 

First, I found out all the possible and available names I could find for this blog. 


4. Make$

Now you understand rite? Why did I ask you to note down all the possible blog names?

I thought of going with ''

But, when I found out that, that wasn't the correct choice. I chose the simpler version '' which was a better choice. 

3. Don't do this

Avoid Alphanumeric combined. For example, or 

This might be good for you but, this will not leave lasting inspiration. 

Avoid "-" "Hyphens". This is also another bad idea to consider. For example, or 

Do you think this is a good idea? No, it is not. 

Choose Short names. For example, Does this look good to you. 

So avoid long-tail words and choose small words.

Avoid "Copyrights" issues. This is a very serious business. For example, and if you use & 

Do not try to replicate or try to deceive the customers. This is a very serious business. You know, no one likes to go after the Government. 

Choose ".com". Most of the cases you're Blog is not restricted to a particular location or region. It is watched and followed by people all around the world. 

So choose .com as your Extension/Maiden name for the blog. 

4.  Get a Perfect Domain Name 

So now you know what should and what shouldn't be your domain names. 

Let's find out what should be our domain name. 

The perfect name is like "yours" 

It is the name of your blog. 

It is the name of your First Online Business 

It is the name for you're focused Niche

It may be the name of next Amazon or Google

So be careful. Just for the sake of a cheaper deal or for the sake of someone else's suggestion don't go against your will.  

Now you might have few names in your mind, right? then check the next point. 

5. Ask a random person about the Name

Ask the name that you selected a random person. and tell them your intention. This way you'll get the most honest and truthful response. 

Next ask the same question, in the niche that you want to blog about. Take their suggestions. and compare them to all others. 

If you feel something is wrong, then reconsider the name that you choose. 

If not you're done selecting the perfect blog name. Congratulations. 

6. Use your domain name as an email extension 

This is the next step, many will fail to follow. Don't be careless about this topic. 

You should always choose your blog name ie. domain name as email extension. 

Just like I did. As you know my blog name is 

So does my email address. 

That way you'll give confidence to your readers about the blog. They can mail queries that they have with confidence, as it is an official email. 

7. Use your domain as for all social media accounts

This is another thing that is very important. You should name all the social media accounts. 

You may use it or not. it doesn't matter. Do name all the possible social media accounts as you're domain name. 

These platforms are very important for gaining social engagement with social sites. 

These social platforms also drive traffic and sales to the blog. 

So do name all the popular social media accounts. and also include the link in all the existing accounts. 

8. Check all domain providers for a better deal 

If you find a domain name for a good price take it. 

If you feel the pricing is high then open all the domain name providers in one browser. 

Then type in the blog name that you selected previously. Then adjust the period. 

Some providers provide discounts and additional deals, for a longer time. 

So adjust the time, if you have coupons then apply them. and compare the pricing. 

That way you can find the better deal. 

If you find it worthy, take it. 

9. Remember the renewal date

There were cases, where big companies and bloggers lost their domain, just for the sake of not doing proper renewal. 

Mark a date in the calendar and renewal Both Domain and the Email without fail. 

Most of the Domain providers have an Auto-renewal option, that also works. but be advised. 

Check the renewal date well in advance. 

10. Are you happy with it?

Now comes the final question, "Are you happy with it?"  

Ask this question to yourself before making payment. 

If you're not then take a break, clean up your mind and take a blank paper write it down. why don't you like it? 

So you can have a better picture of what is going wrong. 

If you're happy then, you're good to go. 


Your name is the first thing that anyone would like to know first. Just like that, anyone would see your blog name first and then headline and then the information that you intend to share. 

I mentioned, "Are you happy with that". There is a reason why I mentioned that. It is not the audience or the customers or the promoters that are going to be with it from day one. It is you. 

Think out of the box, find the real meaning for that word in all the major languages, and choose it wisely. 

Use all 10 tips that I mentioned above and select the blog name wisely. Because this will last longer than you exist. 

These are steps that I follow, even today when selecting a new domain If this is working for me, then it should work for you too. 

Next, let's move on to the next step that is selecting "Hosting"