how to use reddit to increase your blog traffic

One thing that I can tell about Reddit is, it is the best social media, that I can think of. The simple reason is its ability to help you on all fronts.  

There are May other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter that sell your information and advertise stuff to make money. But Reddit's prioritizes content than Ads. 

Here is an Interesting and Real quote about Reddit. 

If Facebook is people you know sharing things you don’t care about, Reddit is things you care about shared by people you don’t know.

This single is enough to say, why Reddit is the best and proven source of valuable information from the community that you depend on. 

Reddit's algorithms won't push "Nasty" and "Worth Less" stuff up, it focuses on the quality of the content that you care about. 

Reddit one of the most popular sites in the west and in the hearts of the users. I can guarantee, if you ever used Reddit for a week or so, you won't leave it. 

Compared with Wikipedia you can find more and more valuable stuff, here. 

Reddit to Increase blog traffic

Reddit is the real king when it comes to quality content. 

Don't Test the water with you're both legs. you remember this quite? this suits the next topic "Facts about Reddit". 

Since we all want to know the facts, let's have a look at some of the interesting facts about Reddit.


Interesting facts about Reddit

If you're living in the west or follow western tech and culture, you would have come across or used Reddit. Right!!! If not okay, let's check out the statistics. 

1. There are more than 430 million active Reddit users worldwide. It might look low but most are more loyal than any other social media site. User retention on Reddit is more.

Reddit Users

2. Reddit is the 6th largest social media site in the USA and 11th largest in the world. There are more than 44.7 million active users in the US. 

Here the users are more loyal than any other. 

6th largest social site

3. Any social media wants its users to stay long on their sites. Right. As long as they stay on the site, they make more money. 

Here on Reddit, the average time spent is nearly 10 minutes, which is much higher than Facebook or Twitter. 

Check out the similar web data, that proves it.  

reddit to increase your blog traffic

Most of the Reddit traffic comes from the US and other American countries. In Europe also it is popular. 

reddit to increase your blog traffic
4. Since it is a "US" thing, in every 1 in 4 use Reddit. The other interesting fact is the age group is between 25 and 29. Check out the link to know more about the stats. 

reddit to increase your blog traffic

5. Check out the following and interesting facts on Reddit. Take a look at the oberlo statistics on Reddit. 

When we talk about the best time on Reddit it is "Weekends" 

Reddit to increase my blog traffic

Source Link
Check out the other interesting statistics on Reddit, here

Now you know Reddit is an interesting and serious platform to do marketing right. Let's find out more on Reddit. 

Reddit, Reddit, Reddit? What is it?

Reddit, one of my favorite social media sites. The simple reason "The Community". 

Just like Facebook or Twitter, it won't keep you using notifications and other stuff, it focuses on the Quality of the content. 

Check out this YouTube Video about Reddit. 

Here you can find any type of content that is ever known to Humans. It may be history, Physics, Math, or finance, or Business. There are "Loyal and Happy" Reddit users who are able and willing to help you on many fronts. 

Just take a look at this article, where it tells more about Reddit. 

Reddit Traffic

Here on Reddit "Quality" is more than "Quantity". Unlike Facebook or any other social media site Reddit, focus on the community and their interests. 

You won't be fooling around, Because the content that you find on Reddit, would be the best you can find on the web, because of the community that was built around it. 

  • Reddit is all About "Value" Not to goof around or to Show-off. 
  • Have a Question? Want the Best Answer? "Reddit it". 
  • It is more about the "Community", not the Personal Image. 
  • You can Learn New Stuff Every day. 
  • Spreading Light in the community is more fun than spreading crap. 

Now you know why Reddit is more than another social media site, right. Reddit was built on the principles of "Community" and "Loyalty". 

Reddit Traffic

Here is the list of things that you need to remember before trying to get traffic from Reddit to your blog. 

How to use Reddit to increase your blog traffic

Reddit might be the one and potential origin of the "Community" on the web, and you can use those loyal followers to visit your Site. 

How to use Reddit to increase your blog traffic

Reddit stands on the principles of community, Yeah I know I keep repeating this again and again because I love it so much, The Community, The content, and the Reddit. Use Reddit for a while and you won't leave it. 


1. Join the Community of your interest. 

The first thing you should do as a Redditor is "Joining Community"

Reddit is a community focussed. If the community that you participate in has more followers and if the age of the community is more then there is a lot of scope for valuable information on that site.

It is hard to get more followers, but if you have the commitment you can kill it.  

2. Start your own Community.

Once you get hold of the stuff on Reddit, start your own community to maximize the results. As an owner of the community, you can set rules and guidelines. 

If you're able to actively participate in other communities, there is a lot of scope for getting more traffic to you're site and your're Reddit page as well. 

Build Community around you're stuff and focus on the "Stuff that public cares". 

3. Focus on Quality than Quantity.

What I think of Reddit as, Quality manual. 

The reason is simple. If the content quality is good, then the community will vote up and up, that way the content will be seen on top of all the other reddits. 

It follows the "Japan's quality" Guide. "ikigai"

4. Submit Links, that you feel valuable to share with others. 

You can share anything on Reddit. It may be "Images", "Videos" or "Text". 

You can submit "Links" on the resist as well. 

While submitting links you need to be very careful, as there is a lot of scope for " Spamming". 

5. Headlines are the only way to capitalize on Reddit. 

Reddit runs on "Head Line", nearly half of Reddit users simply scroll through the site just to see the "Head Line". 

Reddit = Headline. 

Headlines are the selling points on Reddit. 

Unless the "Headline" is worthy enough you you're self won't click the Reddit right. Then how do you expect others to go through the stuff that you mentioned on Reddit? 

6. Subscribe and participate in popular subreddits.

Don't forget to Subscribe to the Reddits and make sure to follow Sub-reddits if you're interested, to know more about it. 

You can debate about the particular topic as well. 

Especially the political Reddit communities are more and more active due to the time as it occurs. Every day is a new and challenging day as a politician and political follower. 

7. Post valuable content at regular intervals.

You need to be active on Reddit. It is not like posting a piece of content on Reddit and hoping it to get popular. Anyway, you need a lot more viewers to see you're site. 

If you post trash, or worthless content you might get downplayed on the web. 

Always you need to think, like this, what am I means to this community and value that you're able to provide to others. 

8. Leave Links that direct to your Blog or Site.

Whenever you post quality content on Reddit, may forget to leave a link that will redirect to the blog. 

You can also edit the post on Reddit even if you post it without a link. Simply leave a redirect link on the text that is named, AKA headline. 

That way you can have more Reddit vote-ups and also visitors to you're website. 

9. Ask questions and leave comments on other communities. 

Unlike any other social media site, Reddit also wants you to spend some quality time on their platform. 

The best way to build a reputation on Reddit is by leaving comments and actively participating in the Reddit communities. 

You can post content, images, and also ask questions. The community will answer, and if any particular answer gets more vote ups it'll be available to all in that community. 

10. Want to know more find it on Reddit or "Reddit It".

If your interest lies in any of the topics, for sure you can find a Reddit community that was built around it. It'll bring like-minded people together. 

As I previously told, Reddit is all about "Community" and one personal interest. 

If you're curious about any topic, and if you don't find it on the web, then you can simply Reddit it, that way those who know more about it will answer you're question. 

You should know this too

First I've to admit this, some points that are mentioned in this section are taken from Quora, The simple reason is they are no alternatives and the information that was kept here is more valuable than my words. 

"Quality over Quantity" applies not only on Blog but also on the Reddit. 

Some guidelines you should remember.

Here are some things that you should know, before getting your hands dirty

1. Accumulate Karma Points

Before you even begin posting anything about your business, you need karma points.

The only reason you need karma points is simply to prove that you are an active Reddit user.

2. Age Your Account

If your account is too new, you will be barred from posting too regularly, as well as posting in larger Subreddits. 

Get around this by creating your new Reddit account 2 weeks before you even begin your Reddit promotion strategy.

3. Keep Your History Clean

The #1 activity Redditors love the most once they discover you’re a self-promotional marketer is to dig through your entire Reddit history — and point out every single promotional post you’ve ever done.

If you truly have great content, and all you desire is to help the community and add value, don’t let a few naysayers bring you down.

Usually, many Redditors delete any “promotional” submissions that do not get more than 10 to 20 upvotes in the first 48 hours of the post.

4. Don’t Spam

I know I’m being long-winded here, but it bears repeating. Don’t spam subreddits.

No matter how helpful you think your content is, Redditors will call you out for spam if you post about your site too often within a short span of time.

Post a promotional post in the same subreddit once every 2-3 weeks.

5. Preventing Spam Filters

You should be careful about filters, especially "Spam Filters". 

Every subreddit has its own automated spam filter, and this may cause some of your posts to be “caught in it”. 

Prevent this from happening by participating in the subreddits you intend to promote.

6. Reddit Participation Tips

Any platform wants you to spend more time on its platform, right. It may be Facebook or Instagram. If you want to look like an active Redditor, do it like how you would do Twitter. Comment. Ask questions. Start discussions. 

Post about interesting articles (not just yours.) Reply and message people and look as you're born to use Reddit. That way you can climb the ladder much faster. 

The final word on Reddit

Apart from Politics and religious forums, Reddit might be the go-to place for any type of valuable information on the web. The Community that was built around Reddit is in-valuable. 

Just for the namesake, Reddit is a "Social Media" site, but for many, it is the Search engine for valuable content. 

For Bloggers, Reddit might be the potential and valuable source of Traffic, because the community of that particular topic does exist here for a while. 

Finding New bread of readers might not be easy, but on Reddit, there is no such problem, as the community takes care of the quality of the stuff that was put on the site. 

If you can target your subreddits well, you will get people who are interested in your content and your services. Eventually, you'll be able to climb the ladder much faster. 

Simple draft a valuable piece of information the "Reddit" and Post it on the site and place a link at the bottom, if the community is happy about it, they will leave an "Up" mark where your stuff will be visible on the top and readers might go to your site. 

Remember "Reddit is all about Community & Quality Content".