How does Youtube going to help my Blog?
YouTube took the world with video content, there is no doubt about it. There are other video apps like Instagram, Ticktock, twitch, Vimeo, and many others out there. But who is the king? "YouTube". 

The simple reason why YouTube is more successful in the industry, it has the first-mover advantage, compared with any other video sharing platform. Google as a parent for YouTube, got worldwide access just like Google itself. 

Nowadays google gets most of its revenue from YouTube, and they are betting big, bigger on YouTube more than the Google Search engine because the engagement and the conversion are high. 

In Simple words, YouTube itself is a Beast. If YouTube itself a separate company, it would with more than "Instagram", and "Twitter". Do you believe that? Yeah!!! I think so. 

How does YouTube going to help my Blog?

Let's start with the basics. Initially, what I mean to say is at the beginning of the internet explosion, we'll are striving for information in the test format, just like you're looking to into this blog. Fast-forward, nowadays people are more and more dependent on video content rather than text like websites or blogs.

Take any blogger or traveler, they might have started with a simple blog, and after establishing a certain customer base they might have expanded into various income streams like YouTube. 

In this blog, I'm not debating between Blog and YouTube. It is a completely new topic, which ill cover later. 

Let's focus on the topic, "how does YouTube going to help your blog". 

Take a Look at the top websites 

Here is the list of the top 100 websites that are on the internet. This includes search engines like Google, YouTube, Yahoo, and social sites like Facebook, Instagram, and many other sites. This comparison is made at the global level, not at the country specific. 

Top Search engines list
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Any way Google is the king in the Jungle. Google search engine raked the first followed by YouTube. 

Let's have a look at the geography-wise top websites. 

Top websites by country
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Now you know for the most part US is the king in this internet revolution, and as Google's home in the USA, Google and other American companies like Facebook, Yahoo is kinda big in the industry. 

Since we're exploring the web, let's have a look at the 20 years of internet kings. 

The 20 Internet Giants That Rule the Web
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Now you know Google along with YouTube is the king in the Internet world. 

If you have a blog and still want to reach more and create more engagement, better go after YouTube. Compared with Blogs YouTube has a higher attraction and engagement rate. 

Let's look at Google Trends on Blog and on YouTube

Blog vs Youtube

If we compare Google searches on Blog vs WordPress vs YouTube, YouTube always tops the search terms. The reason behind this is the engagement is more compared with any other forms of communication the information. 

At this point, we concluded that YouTube along with your blog is a Deadly combination, right. 

Any way YouTube is a real deal. Tell me more about YouTube, that I don't know. 

Let's have a Look at the 10 statistics of YouTube. 

10 YOUTUBE STATS for 2020
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YouTube itself is another Ocean. There are many cases where people are only dependent on YouTube. If you're able to Mater Video creation and editing, that itself would be the best way to make a decent living out of it. 

Compared with writing a Blog, YouTube is much harder, due to the complexity of creating Videos and editing them. 

However, YouTube itself can be looked at as a separate platform to make a business model. 

Since YouTube has its own set of customer-base, you will be able to capitalist both the viewers from your blog and from YouTube.