Quora for bloggers

If you want to build authority and brand image in your niche the simplest way is by answering the questions. Rite. The best, as well as the simplest way, is through Quora

Quora one of the best places to find answers for any type of question. It is a Q&A site. After Pinterest, it is the best platform that helps to drive traffic to your site. 

This Q&A Platform helps to drive real and potential traffic to your site and helps your journey in organic ranking. The simple reason is the person who is asking the question is well aware of what he wants. 

Quora got a bit of traction over time, By the end of 2018, it has 300 Million Active users.  

Anyone in your niche or outsiders askes a question and you answer to that and also places a link in that answer. After Pinterest, this has a high conversion rate. 

The audience is well aware of what they want and they can convert quickly if you have answered in the best way. 

Here are some interesting facts about Quora

According to Alexa, Quora ranks amongst 150 top sites in the world and its popularity is rising. The active writers on Quora sport an average of 30,000+ monthly views and 350,000+ annual views. 
The most active writers get 90,000+ views monthly and 1+ million yearly according to Quora

Now you know why you have to Take Quora more seriously rite. 

Let's understand how to promote your blog or website on Quora

Quora for Bloggers

Let's Start from Basics and dive in detail about this platform. 

Unlike any other platforms (Facebook, Instagram) Quora is best for bloggers. Because it is the go-to place if you have any questions. Your Next question would be...

How To Promote Your Blog On Quora?

Yeah, I'm coming to the point. Quora is basically a site where people post their questions and other people, who are knowledgeable in that particular subject, answer that a question-and-answer website. 

Let us now see how to promote your blog on Quora.

There is no easy way. Trust me. It takes time to get enough traffic to your site. But you need to build a strong presence on quora itself, first. You need to answer every relevant and worthy answer on quora. 

Because there are 7 Billion People on earth and everyone doesn't know everything. So they need to go somewhere to fin the solution. If you wrote the answer then, it can be viewed again and again in the long run which the intern brings traffic to your site. 

Before you go further you need to know this. You must know Quora’s policy. The idea behind Quora is to really help people with correct information. It is not meant to promote, your self. If you try to promote yourself without any value they are very strict about it.

So, you must read the moderation policy of Quora before you start using it to promote your blog. Your account may get deleted. or your account can be blocked. 

Start the process

Create a Quora Profile

Quora is not like any other social media website. You have to be honest. You need to provide all the real information. The simple reason is your profile is going to be checked and reviewed. If it is anything different, like fake names and fake addresses, then you'll be banned. 

Use Google or Facebook to log in, I use google, the simple reason is, we might forget the passwords or user ids. So the best way is to use google all in one account. 

Quora Login

Provide authentic information like 

Your real name
Education Qualification 
Work details
Describe your self. 

Your profile is another important factor that helps you in ranking both on Google and on Quora. 
Quora Profile

In one simple word, Be professional and Authentic. Just for the sake of traffic don't depend on quora. It is a platform to solve problems. 

You can see all sorts of information, like followers, following, a brief intro, your website link, Your qualification, profession, tops you follow, spaces that your in and you created and much more. 

Follow Relevant Topics and Spaces

For the first time when you sign up you probably get this page, where you need to select a bunch of topics that you're interested in. Select them and all the information related to them, like question groups/spaces, will be highlighted. 
Quora topics

You'll get notified if there are any new questions or answers that are related to that topic appears. You can customize the topic s and spaces at any time. You can also create your own spaces, where you can share the information.

Follow Real Gurus

Some times it is okay to admit wrong. I don't know why I said that. but, if your not an expert in the field you should follow the expert in that field. 
Quora Following
You should follow the people /Gurus in the field. The simple reason is this. They might be a bit more informed and educated. If you follow them then you get to know what are they working on, you the idea as well. 

Make sure you follow gurus and their spaces as well. 

Ask Real and Sensable Questions

There are cases where people simply ask nonsocial questions for time pass. You should avoid them at any cost. It is definitely a wast of time and money. Every second count. 

Ask Real, I mean the sensible question that you don't know off. 

Here is the simple ly out of the quora home page. You can ask a question at any given time. You can also ask questions on any topic. 

Asking Question On Quora

If you wish to wast time, you're doing a mistake. If your question is not worthy enough then you might get ignored. Be careful while asking questions. 

Answer Worthy Questions  

Just like asking worthy questions, You need to answer worthy questions as well. If you keep on answering all the questions, it won't show much impact on the blog. 

You need to calculate "ROI". 

If you spend X amount of time answering that question what is the benefit that you'll get out of it. Sure you might answer that question. But is it really with it? 

Select worthy questions if you don't know follow them and answer then with a detailed answer. 

Make sure you add relevant links

Don't forget to link back to your blog. You might answer the question in brief or in detail. However that is not your intention, rite. You need to link back to your site. You need to drive traffic to your blog. 

Add relevant links all the time. If you link each and everything then you'll be blocked. Remember that. 

Make sure you add relevant links to your site. 

Be care full while promoting 

While attaching any links, you need to be careful. The simple reason is, Quora is purely a Q&A site. You're not meant to market, or promote. 

If you try to violate any polices on Quora you be delisted and you need to request back to gain authority. 

Once you have enough grip on quora then you can become a partner and you can promote. 

Try to Comment for all questions

Anyone would recommend this step. You need to comment on each and every relevant topic and question that you read. 

If you comment with related information or appreciation, they might follow you and that intern will help you to rank. 

If anyone appreciates your answer wite back saying thank you. You also need to appreciate others in your niche. 

This way you can also build relations, which intern help you drive traffic. 

Utilize Quora Blog Wisely

In recent updates, quora add this feature called  "Quora Blog". Previously you can answer a question, or aks a question. But now on you can also blog on quora. 

By blogging on quora you have few advantages, you get more visitors, and more traffic to your site as well, if you link back. 

Be careful, if you add duplicate content you will be blocked. Always try to add customized or relevant traffic. 

Other Tips for Quora Beginners

This Might look simple but they also determine the success rate on quora. 
  • Like (Upvote) or Dislike (Downvote) answers.
  • Follow questions if you don't know about it.
  • Don't Forget to Comment.
  • Follow topics, if you like them.
  • Follow others on Quora.
  • Send private messages to other members on Quora
  • Bookmark answers if you wish to read them later. 
  • Save questions to answer later.
  • Connect with other social media platforms. 
Now it's your turn. What do you think and what are your plans on quora. 

You can promote content on quora as well with proper strengths, You can place ads too. Under your profile, you'll find the ads section. 
Quora ADS
You can also check the stats on quora. For Answer tot answer as well. Form Month to month. Just like google analytics, it does have some interesting things. But not that much as GA. 
Quora Stats
Quora is a real deal. 


Now you know why quora are a very interesting platform to invest time on. Unlike any other social media site, it won't keep readers within its loop. It can send really worthy visitors to your blog.

But be careful, Often you might get banned. Don't post duplicate content.  It is meant to educate those who help. Don't promote any brand. If you do you might get banned. 

Apart from getting banned it is also easy to get back in. But you can not keep posting irrelevant or duplicate content again and again. Check the quora police. 

Quora is a really worthy site to invest time in while marketing or promoting your blog. Now you'll agree on Quora for Bloggers is true.