2020 Marketing Strategies

Just like any other carrier, Blogging also becoming part-time as well as a full-time carrier for so many of us. However, the success ratio in these platforms is becoming harder every day, due to high completion from established players as well as new players. 

You might have the best content available, with you. But if it is not marketed properly, then you're making the biggest mistake. 

For a long time putting together, the quality content was difficult. But the landscape has changed. Many YouTubers are just writing one or two blog posts and making fancy videos, trying to attract your eye. 

Unless you outstand from all these things your blog can not survive. Just have one checklist, If you have the quality content then your almost set. The second part is marketing it. 

Stick with me, ill tell you the best marketing strategies that will work for you. 

There might be a tone of other ways, but this is the code that I follow regularly. This Code worked for me. Maybe you should try this. 

Follow this Strategy "CMAR

"Create Quality Content"
"Market Regureally"
"Attract New Readers"
"Retain and Re-Invest"

Latest Marketing Strategies

Let's Have a Look into the List of Strategies that we can implement right away.

Differentiate your self  

There is a famous Quote in Branding. "Differentiate or Die". These 2 Words are really very important for everyone in this world right now. The simple reason is there are many focused on the internet. 

Differentiate or Die

Unless you and I differentiate ourselves selves we can not survive this competitive world.

The Simplest way is to follow your competitors and try and think one step ahead of them. I know this is not easy. So be you. 

Just of the sake of the internet don't make your self a joker. If you don't be yourself, there will be serious consequences. You can not be happy even though you make millions. 

"Don't Follow the Trend Create a New Trend" I know this sounds a bit lame. But it is the Truth. I learned it very way. 

Understand and then create the content 

If you write a blog just for the sake of writing, or just to meet deadlines then you need to give a second thought to that strategy. These tactics might have worked back in 2010. But this is not going to move anything. 

Do thorough research on your readers/Customers, Understand what are they searching for, and then Make content out of it. 
Understand and then create the content
Take your time to do proper Keyword research use those tools or in that case, Do a simple google search, and then you'll get to know what are people searching for. 

Get to know them well. Ask them suggestions in the comments or write a personal email to your best reader and mark his suggestion in that article. 

That way they will be more and more loyal to your blog. 

Be Real like Normal Human Being  

You and I Should sound like a real human. If our articles sound like a robot, then there is a point of differentiation. 

You write your blog in your own style and I write articles in my own way. If we both sound similar then we both will be F****.  "I mean it"

Make your Mark. Write a blog in simple words as possible. If you asked to explain Tegnamatory to a 5th class chield, then what are you going to do?

Be realistic. Many times Conetnet itself creates its own market. There are many cases where small bloggers got linked in big journals, like Washington post and so on. 


Write a Blog, just like your writing a letter to your self. Please don't use fancy high-level English. There is no Shakespeare now. 

Update your content regularly 

This simple step makes a lot of difference in Organic ranking. According to Backlinko top 3 organic results are more than 3 years old. 


Yes, even I was confused. Let me explain how. 

These top-ranking pages are updated regularly. It means once you're on the top you are supposed to work more on that article and link other articles to that post. 

Update your content regularly

Simply go to the article change image or ass 1 or 2 lines of text. and then click on the update. This simple strategy also makes a lot of difference. 

Educate Engage to Empower 

The majority of bloggers try to Convert the readers into customers. This might not be the best and suggestible idea. The reason is it is not a one-day thing. 

Building a customer base takes months and years. Once you lose one customer then he or she is gone forever. 

Make sure you remember this code "E=E=E"

Educate Engage Empower

Your articles should first "Educate the reader" and then you can "engage" and then "empower". it means you can make value out of it. 

You can differentiate yourself in the short-run by following shady strategies like high-quality themes and other videos, but in the long-run, this is not going to work. 

Follow these simple formulae. "E=E=E"

Personalized Marketing Message (PMM)

"Don't live for Others, Live for Yourself." I know what your thinking. Ignore your thoughts. 

Writing personalized emails is not that easy. This might take hours. However, according to Nealpatel writing, personalized emails to customers is like publishing a and new article. 

Take your time to design a personalized email temple and then set it to auto mode. so that whenever you write an article it takes that to your reader in no time

Personalized Marketing Message

Do Your own Research

If your blog or articles depends on any numbers or states, the best way is to do your own research. The one reason is it is new and fresh. You own the content. and others can also link to it. 

If the data is new and fresh then there is a lot of chance that your article going to be linked more times, again and again. 

If you have good backlinks to that article simply focus on that and regularly update the content. 

There is a tone of ways you can do research. Use free tools like Google Forms, or ask your readers. Run a poll on Facebook or Instagram. 

Collect that data and build content around it. Attach those snippets for authenticity. 

Embed Value  

Embed value. I mean if you have Video on that content first embed that. Because Video is more engaging than the article. Yes, it is. 

1 picture is equal to 1000 words. 

1 picture is equal to 1000 words.
See this picture. This simple pic can tell a complete life story. Just like that in every article try to embed Images, Infographics, or videos. 

This way readers will be more engaged and will believe in you and in your work. Building trust takes time. 

Get to know Other Gurus well

You and I are not new or first to blogging. there are hundreds and thousands of bloggers out there before us and there will be new ones as well. 

If there are "There will be" other successful bloggers in your niche get to know them. Write personal emails, to them regularly. This way you can build trust. 

Ask them to promote their content on your blog, This way your and their readers get more value. Do regular guest posting. 

Get to know Other Gurus well
I can not beat Neil Patel. But if I try I can partner with him and can grow my business. This way I can help my readers to get more valuable content and I can make more conversions. 

Building trust takes time. For both readers and also with the gurus. 

Guest post regularly  

For Starters, this is the best way to develop their blog and personal brand. I'll explain How this works. 

Generally, Google takes months of time to rank your blog rite. meanwhile, build a content-rich blog. and then focus on guest posts. 

Ask other bloggers in your niche and tell them you want to write an article. First, they might avoid you. But don't stop. Approach them in all the ways possible. convince them that you're worth it.

Before requesting try to have a worthy website or blog and put on some valuable content on it first. 

Guest post regularly

Building an audience is very difficult. However, if you build quality relationships with other bloggers than you can win them quickly. 

Try to guest post in a 1:10 ratio. For every 10 blogs that you write, do 1 guest post. This is a time-consuming process but you'll understand the worth of it slowly. 

Syndicate your content regularly  

Social media and other platforms like Linkedin/Slideshare are the best way to promote your work quickly. 

Establish a brand evenly on all the platforms and regularly post your content on those platforms. 

This just takes less time, but this will be more helpful if your article is not on the top of the organic result. 

Join The Press

No No I'm not talking about "NEWS Papers and TV channel News". I'm talking about discussion forums and other sources like, there are bloggers and YouTubers who serve, I mean they simply do a video or write a post on your profile. 

These are real opportunities. Join Online forums and other bloggers discussion boards. There you get to know others who are in the same field. There you get to know the latest ideas and discussions. This way you can make new blogs quickly and get rich followers. 

You need to market your self in whatever the way possible. There are many ways you can do that. But if you go through these established ways you can achieve these goals quickly. 

Join The Press

Get interviewed in your local channels and other ways possible. 

Your goal is to attract as many readers as a possible rite. This is also one of the best ways. But need to have some success in your pocket. If necessary ask those people who do a documentary in your field and tell/ask /request then to interview you. 


Marketing Strategies may change over time, however, there is no way you can make auto content. Where ever there is new content there is still scope for success. 

These techniques will boost your traffic and conversion rates. However, if you don't do this regularly then, your initial efforts are not that useful. Many bloggers spend more time on content and less time on promotion/marketing or they spend more time on marketing and less time on content. 

If you want to survive and thrive in this competitive digital world, then you need to have quality content, with enough backlinks or a strong marketing strategy. 

I follow these simple steps. " CMAR". 
"Create Quality Content"
"Market Regureally"
"Attract New Readers"
"Retain and Re-Invest"

So what are your thoughts, do leave a comment and type in your strategy.