How to Promote Blog

How to promote your blog?  The Immediate question after writing an article. No wonder Why this question comes up on everyone's mind immediately after completing the Blog. 

Do think simply sharing it on social media once and hope for the best?

No way. This will tactic is not going to work. 

Bloggers like you and I have to build an audience from scratch. Rite. There is no easy way. It takes time to get ranked in the organic search results. Even for that, you need to promote your blog. 

List of ways to Promote Blog   

Here is the list of ways you can promote your blog. This may vary from time to time. But the Tools that you and I use will be almost the same. Let's dive into the top and get to know what are the ways we can promote our blogs. 


First the "organic" way. This is the most efficient and also the recommended way to promote your blog. There is no Equivalent to this Option. The simple reason is anyone would directly go to the Search engine and type in the keywords. 

There are other ways like Paid and Social media stuff, comparatively, this is the best way in the long run. 

Organic Results

Yes, it is true. Ranking high on organic results is not that easy. However, if you do reach the top of organic results, you can capitalize on that post and you can promote your self. 

On average google takes 3 to 4 months to rank your blog. But it might take years to reach the top. According to the Backlinko research top, 3 organic results are more than 3 years old. 

In-organic / Paid

Paid form, also known as an in-organic way, where you spend money to advertise yourself on the top of the organic results. 

You might have heard CPC, "Cost per Click". It means anyone surfing intent and finds your ad and clicks on it you get to pay the google for that. 

However, it is very costly for personal bloggers and for small organizations. There is another issue with that the conversion rate is very less. On average it is at 10%. This may fluctuate fastly. 

In-organic / Paid Ads

Most of the time it is not suggestible for Bloggers. But for business, it will work. and also for products or service-oriented business, this works as well. 

Social media 

Social Media, one of the best and suggestible ways for Beginner bloggers. The simple reason is that you can capitalize on the existing audience. The conversion from Social media to blog is very less, but it works well in the beginning. 

All most all the social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin,  Instagram, Snapchat, Emails, Forums, and Q&A sites like Quora. 

Social media

All this helps you to push your blog, but these are not equivalent to the Organic results. But as I said, it works well in the beginning.   


Pinterest, One of my favorite and the best way to get initial traffic to your site or blog. It has a very wide audience base in Western countries like The Americal Countries, Europian Countries and the Other a well. 

I personally suggest this to anyone. Especially for starters. 

Pinterest is similar to Searchengine, but thy emphasis on images/Pictorial representations. You know this proverb. "one picture is equal to a thousand words." 


The initial conversion rate is very high. If your customer base is basically located in The US, Canada, Australia, Uk, and Europian Countries, You can expert a high conversion rate. 


Only Q&A Platform out there that helps your journey in organic ranking. This is similar to the chatbox. Someone in your niche askes a question and you answer to that and also places a link in that answer. 

After Pinterest, this has a high conversion rate. The audience is well aware of what they want and they can convert quickly if you have answered in the best way. 

It also works similar to the search engine, if you are active on the quora and continually solves the issues then you can expert good return as well.  


In Quora also there is an advertisement option available, where you can place ads. 

It also has its own publication spot where you can place articles and then divert that traffic to your site. 


Only Professional Social Media Platform out there. Be cautious here. Here you are most likely competing with the industry-specific experts. 

Basically, it is focussed on the professionals. So they also have good knowledge in that the field. Some times they are more advanced. 

If you have really the best content then promote it on the linked it. It also drives quality traffic. As this is industry-specific, you can expert really authentic traffic in the long run also. 


If you have a Professional site then make sure to create a page for that and promote it on linked in. It is free and you can utilize the premium / Paid version as well. If your marketing any service or product then opt for paid service. 


Slideshare part of the Linkedin Service. Many people neglect this part. It is also the best way to drive consistent traffic regularly. It is most likely used by professionals and techies. 

However, you need to create a PPT/Presentation and the other way is the document / PDF and then upload it on this platform. It is truly amazing how this works. There are no restrictions on this. 

Simply convert your article into PDF or PPT and then upload it here. It is as simple as that. You can have consistent traffic. 


But be care full, People who are using this platform have good knowledge in that field. 


For a long time, Facebook was a really great medium to divert traffic from Facebook to the blog. But after 2019 it is not possible. It became closed-loop services. 

It means you have to stay on that platform only. You can not go directly to the website. The only place where you can place a website is in the profile section. Apart from that, you can not place a link in any part. 

But Facebook groups are also the best place to mee your audience. It is very easy to make a group and then interact with them You share your ideas and can take suggestions immediately. 
This will not show any impact on the organic ranking. But you can build a strong base of audiences here. 


Similar to Facebook, It is a closed-loop medium. It means you have to stay on that platform only to utilize the service. You will not be redirected to your Site/ Blog. 

The only place where you can add the website address is under your profile section. Apart from that, you can not add links. 

The other part is you can share images and videos only on this platform. 


If you are a lifestyle blogger or influencer then this will work very well. As the median age of users on Instagram are from 16 to 30. 


Most efficient ways to promote content. Any blogger would tell this word. "From day one keep on collecting emails". 

Frankly, I didn't understand why for a long time.  But don't make that mistake. Keep on collecting emails, regularly. 

If you have the email list you can post an email directly saying you have published a new blog, and you can update in no time. Rite. 

There are some audiences, who might have miss checking your blog, the simple solution is reminding them through the emails. 

Here are the simple states. Source
email conversion stats

Now you know right the opening rate of an email is 41%. Which is comparatively very high.


Comments are another way to promote your blog. Comments help you in two ways. One is you get to know who are your audience are and you can collect Emails, and Names Directly. 

For every comment, they wrote to give a reply and if necessary appreciate them for sharing. 

If you wrote a personal comment in private / Public they will believe that you are the real friend and they will come back again and again. 

It is the easiest and free way to promote your blog. You can also take suggestions and ideas and other stuff. If necessary you can also sell services/products. 

Word out Mouth  

Word of Mouth was / Is one of the oldest and best ways to get promoted. This is how this works. In the olden days, I mean before Google /Google Maps, we ask others for information, in a similar way nowadays it was changed to digital. 

If you run a shop or online merchant shop, customer testimonials and the reviews are the selling points. No one would like to buy $999 worth of junk from Amazon. 

Word out Mouth

If you attend any seminar or get-togethers, promote your blog. This tactic may need some time to develop but it sure works. 

Guest Posting  

For starters, it is the best way to get recognized by the readers. Simply select hand full of bloggers in your niche and request for guest posting. 

Initially, they may reject it. But if you have the real potential, I mean good content in your blog, they will accept your request. Write a really interesting article, and promote your self. 

Anyone reading that blog should be able to click on your profile. If they know who they can come to see your blog.  

Here is the simple state of guest articles. Source
Guest Posting

Focus on Both "Quality & Quantity". 

Other ways 

Other ways like Whatsapp Groups, Forums, Live chats, Podcasts, YouTube videos, and so on. These work efficiently if you are regularly into them. It means you should be active in these platforms. If you ignore or forget these platforms, your competitor will take over the lead. 

Podcasts and YouTube are modern trends where you can have real potential. If the content is really good, try to make a podcast or host it if necessary. or make youtube videos. 

If you have a YouTube channel you can monetize on both platforms. 


These processes will be as efficient as long as your active on them. If you neglect for a while you might have to work a little harder to regain the lead position. 

Nine out of ten bloggers would suggest focusing on Organic Results and on Selective social media platforms like Pinterest and Linked. The reason is that the conversion ratio is much higher when compared to the other ways. 

Promoting Blog and content is as important as writing your Blog. It takes time to organize and master promoting it. But initially, it is very important to brand your self. 

Now it's your turn, what do you think. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section.