SEO Tips and Tricks

You might have the best content, but it doesn't mean you will be ranked on the top of the organic search results. You need to know Good, not great SEO strategies. 

Feeling over-load. Don't worry these are the SEO tips that can make your work much easier. 

These SEO tips are collected from previous experiences and From various other sources that can help your site get rank faster. 

In this article, I've put together more than enough, I mean more than 100+ Proven and helpful Tips and Tricks that are going to help you rank your blog. 

Let's have a Look at the Tips and Tricks.

I'll start from the beginning. SEO Helps you in the ranking, But on which platform If you rank on the top but you use Medium, you can not monetize it. 


Phase. 1 (Generic)

1. Choose the Blogging Platform carefully.  Suggestable Platforms are Blogger and WordPress. 
2. Domain Name should tell anyone about your work, and what is your blog is about. 
3. Choosing the wrong host for your site is another mistake. So Choose it wisely. 
4. If your site loads Slowly there are could be 2 reasons, One is your Host and the other is Your might have messed up with your Theme or content. 
5. SSL Certificate is very important now. Without a secure connection, your site won't be trusted.
6. Choose Light Waight Theme and use fewer and useful plugins. 
7. Focus on One Niche Topic, rather than focusing on multiple topics.
8. Have a Plan for 3 Months, 6 Moths, and for 1Year in advance. 
9. Do the thing that you fell Good to you, to your readers, and to the world. 
10. Don't Over Look Your values over Money or anything else.  

Phase. 2

11. Take your time and do proper Keyword Research. 
12. Make Sure You Targeting the Right Keyword. 
13. Avoid Well established Keywords. EX: Facebook, Youtube. (You can not drive anything out of this)
14. Focus on Long-tail Keywords. Ex: Instead "Health Blog" try "Women Health Between 25-30"
15. Find Low Competition Keywords. This will help you rank high in the long run. 
16. Do Competitor research and find which Keywords are Driving them traffic. 
17. If you feel your competitor is not proving enough content then make a better version of it and steal that traffic them for that particular keyword. 
18. Monitor Your Competitor's blog on a regular basis. And identify changes. 
19. Focus on Traffic Potential Keywords. Ex: How to Escape 9 to 5 In 2020. Here the keyword should be "Escape", "9 to 5" and "2020".
20. Do internal Research on your blog and fill in the gaps. (Regureally)
21. Utilize sites like "Quora" to drive up your traffic. 
22. Find Questions that can make your blog top on search results through Quora and answer and reply to questions. 


23. Do a Detail Study and Publish an article that should cover "A to Z" about the topic. 
24. Make Real-life case studies. or Real-world Case studies in your content. 
25. Write an Intro that hooks up Readers to your blog for more time. 
26. Focus on content quality rather than quantity. 
27. Make surer your content should have at least 1500+ words. 
28. Make sure Your content is Easy To Read.
30. Don't make an article just for the sake of the deadline or just you want to make it. 
31. Content should feel natural, not like artificial. 
32. Use Neal Patel trick like (You and me/I) in every article.
33. Include your "Main Keyword" In Your Page’s Title Tag, Meta descriptions.
34. Update Your content regularly. 
35. If Necessary suggest your close competitors and offer your content. (Guest Posting)


36. Do Link building for each and every article. 
37. Check for broken links in your site regularly
38. Build Internal links. Tip: Divert your main page readers to other pages. 
39. If necessary Tell/Divert your customers to other sites. Do Quality Outbound links. 
40. Give your Content first priority in all areas. 
41. Try to SELL your content in your Meta Description. Especially for the Home page, it is very important. 
42. Use Free Images from Free sites. Tip: If necessary make your own images. 
43. Change the Name for images and add your Keyword for that image. 
44. Don't Forget the "Alt test, and title tag"  for images. 
45. Link your site address to your social profiles. 
46. Focus on building links that drive Real Traffic. Imean Convertable Traffic. 
47. Building links are good. It might look cool to include "no-follow" links. But this has no use. Suggestion: Please Ignore the no-follow option while linking to other sites.  
48. Focus on  Anchor Text Links They Influence Google Ranking. 
49. Be care full while linking to other sites. Not all sites are good. 
50. Bad or Harmful links will kill your site quickly. 
51. If any new blogger is linking to other sites then make sure they also link to you. 
52. Focus on competitor recurring backlinks. I mean to say if your competitor is driving traffic with one keyword then try to capitalize on that. 
53. write 1 or 2 High-quality content per month and interlink them to older articles. 
54. Linking to Wikipedia and Wiki How are good. They will help your readers quickly. 
55. Include a linkable table of contents and scroll up or down buttons. 


56. If you sell anything one you site add Instant buy option. 
57. Have a separate page for Store and Affiliate links.
58. Increase CTR(Click Through Rate) with cache Meta description. 
59. Is your Site Mobile-Friendly? If not fix it first. 
60. Make sure your site looks good and loads perfectly on all devices. 
61. Google Image Search can also drive up your traffic significantly. So do not neglect Images and Infographics on your site. 
62. Use Short, Sweet, and Descriptive URLs For Your Content. 
63. If you own a business in one area then focus on local language and convert readers into buyers.  
64. Make Sure You Add Address, Customer Reviews, and Site Images to your home page. If you own a local business. 
65. Improve Your Site’s Load Speed. Avoid Heavy files and Large size images. 
66. Try to include Quick login options if your site holds customers' information. 
67. If your a YouTuber then link every video whenever necessary to the content. 


70. Boost your traffic with Email outreach by reach.
71. Capitalize on free social platforms. like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 
72. Promote your self and your blog as a Premium. 
73. Don't Feel shy to revel your mistakes, wrong turns. 
74. Fee proud while writing your second and third blog article about your first. 
75. If you got any information from other sites give them the credit. 
76. Create your content like a funnel. On the top quality content and followed by less popular content. and then at the bottom, link to buy an option, if you have a service or affiliate links. 
77. Avoid Spam content and blogs. If they link to you then ask them to remove your profile from them.  
78. Make it easy to share your content. Insert sharable buttons and pinnable buttons. 
79. Use Structured data to classify your content, so that Google and Bing knows what it is your blog about. 
80. Promote content (Images on "Pinterest", "Instagram", and text snippets on "Linkedin") regureally. 


81. Avoid Black hat strategies and other shade tricks. 
82. Make your site the go-to place for Tips and Tricks, rather than Links. 
83. Avoid Thin Content and avoid promoting it. 
84. Submit Sitemap to google site crawlers and include on the home page for readers for quick checkups. 
85. If you have an issue with your site, then try to contact the google service center and get your site audit. 
86. Identify useless articles and try to improve or delete them. 
87. Block Google Bots crawling to your personal information. 
88. Make sure your ads shouldn't cover content. 
89. Limit banner ad 2 or 3 per page. (If necessary avoid them)
90. Promote Affiliate links with detailed descriptions and proper links. 


91. Find More Guest Post Opportunities
92. Use Google Search console.  
93. Focus on Mobile-First Indexing
94. Maximize User Engagement
95. Focus on the user experience(UX)
96. Don't Look Like a Sales Guy on the first page. 
98. Focus on content for 1 year and then monetize it. 
99. Don't Neglect your 1st page and the 1st customer or 1st reader. 
100. Do, it again and again and adapt to the changes quickly. 

Phase.10 (Bonus)

101. Try to have a separate Sub-Domain to every section. Like (, or
102. Have "one domain and extension" if your blogger. Avoid (,, or  .net)
103. Remove Duplicate content. This won't get penalized, but it will create confusion. 
104. Include Infographics and Videos. to your site. 
105. Have a Custom Error page or redirect page. 
106. Join niche groups on Reddit, Facebook, and other groups. 
107. Monitor your ranking page, with google trends. Check for sudden changes. If your site got sudden hit then, try to identify where the problem is. 
108. Have a Regular checkup and site audits to avoid victims to hackers. 
109. Learn new things every day. ("Every day is a new day and there are free tools and services that are created every day")
110. Be Patient.  

I hope you found what you're looking for. This Tips will help you in ranking your Article. Just focus on one thing and move on to another point. This way you can master one and then you can focus on other things. 

Now you have all the interesting and most Tips and Tricks related to SEO. Let's move on to another interesting topic SEO Tips and Tricks. 

If you need to do all this you need tools. Most of the tools are free.