How to do Keyword Research

By this point, you know that Keywords with proper SEO is the stepping stone for success on the internet. 

Keywords are the Key pillars for the "Real Success". I mean to get ranked on the top of the organic search results.  

If I want to say if you are successful in capitalizing a particular keyword, then I would look into the backlinks that you got from that Keyword alone. 

Successful keyword research depends on knowing your target market and how they are searching for your content, services, or products. Are they searching you, I mean your keyword on Google, YouTube, Amazon, or on your website? 

Confusing rite! Don't worry. 

Let's dive into the business. In this article, I'm going to cover everything that you need to know about keywords. 

If you're able to go through everything I can guarantee that you will master keyword research. 

Here is the list of items that I'll cover in this article. 

  1. What are Keywords
  2. How to do Keyword Research
  3. How to choose the right keywords
  4. How to Build a story around the keywords
  5. How to use keyword research tools

Let's start from the ground up. For the first time, my question was "what are Keywords?". If I have this question then definitely you might have the same question. Let's answer that question first. 

1. What are Keywords

A keyword is a word that describes the content on your page or blog post. It's the search term that you want to rank for with a certain page. 

In simple terms, Keyword is like your "Name". I might know who you're, and what you do. But without your name, I can not find you. 

Just like that Keyword is like search term. when people search for that keyword in Google they will find the relevant pages or websites. 

Take a simple example. 

Where do you search, if you have a Doubt about anything? 

"Google" rite. Why is that? Google is a search engine, that you know it well. 

Here Google itself is a keyword. 
Google Keyword

In terms of search engines, a keyword is any search term entered on Google (or another search engine) that has a results page where websites are listed. 

Keywords are search terms that a website owner or SEO professional will use to optimize a website in the hopes of ranking at the top of Google’s results for specific keywords.

Anything searched on a search engine, whether a single word or a phrase, is considered a keyword. For example, here’s the results page for the keyword “cake” 

This time we want to search for a "cake". But not specific. 
Keyword "Cake"

If we search for "cake" google would show all the relevant searches based on historical trends. However, if you're not specific you can get what you want. 

Let me explain How this works. 
Specific Keyword - cake
Here are is the break down of keywords. Now let's try one more time. Now we're more specific about a particular keyword. 

Let's try "Gluten-free chocolate birthday cake"

Here is our result.

Gluten free chocolate birthday cake

Now we're more specific with the keywords. So does Google. The first time we're not particular about what we want to search. 

But now we know what we want. That is "Gluten-free chocolate birthday cake". So google gives us that particular keyword related searches. 

Here "Gluten-free chocolate birthday cake" is considered as keywords. 

Now we know what is a Keyword rite.

Let's find out How to do Keyword Research. 

2. How to do Keyword Research

 There is a Tone of ways you and can do keyword research. But there is only hand full of proven tools and ways that will help you.

Before I used my own imagination to come up with topics. Yes, I do that even today. However, this might not work all the time. 

Later I tried various tools, and techniques. There are ups and downs. With all my experience I came up with this list of ways to do keyword research. 

First and foremost the simplest and easiest way is "Your Immagnisation". 

Before Google and Youtube, people use to depend on their knowledge about the topic and search for books. This might have worked very well, initially. but nowadays you can not depend on this technique at all.

The second and best way is "Google"

Let me ask you this. For example, your writing a Book. And you have a doubt. what would you do? Simply go to google and google it. Rite. 

Gluten-free chocolate birthday cake results on google

All those that are marked in red are the possible and most seen results. They can act as keywords. 

This is the simplest and easiest way to do keyword research. Stick with me till the end ill show you more tools that are very helpful. 

Now we know what are keywords are and how to do keyword research. Let us get to know "How to choose the right keywords"

3. How to choose the right keywords

Before writing any article you need to know this. How to choose the right keyword. You might choose a Keyword, but still, you may not get the traffic to your site.

This depends on various parameters. Like,
  • Search volume for that particular word. 
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • Competition
  • Historical trend

Search volume for that particular word

People really searching for that word or not? Google keyword planner and SEMrush and few others are the best way to find that. 

Let's take another example of "what plants grow in the desert".   and search this in SEMrush. 

what plants grow in the desert.keyword research

Here we see  140 is the search volume that has originated from the USA, and 10 from Australia, and so on. 

You need to know the search volume for that word. If I was you I'm not going to choose this topic. Because of minimal success. 

Keyword Difficulty

One more thing as a beginner you need to consider this. What is the Keyword difficulty? Is it more than 75 or less. 

Let's see an example. Now let's take "Loans"

Loan Keyword research
Here the Keyword Difficulty is 89%. If you're a dinner you are not going to see the first page of Google, even though if you have great content.

 Because there are well-established players that are dominating the internet. I would suggest going for a more specific keyword. Like "Loan for a car in London".

 Here also you might take some time to rank on the top but this is easy and, there would be less difficult. 


This is one more thing that you and I Both need to consider before writing an article. If there are tone of Competition, Competitors for that particular word, the chance of ranking high is Slim to None. 

If you take Insurance and Loan you can not reach the first page due to high completion, even the ads that appear on the top pay nearly $60 Pae click on average. 

Historical trend

If say you want to buy a car and you need a loan, what do you think the right time? There are times when the interest rate for the same amount may vary. 

So you need to know the historical trend for that keyword. 

Let's have a look at the Loan Historical trend. 

loans keyword research in USA

Now you know rite. what word to choose, and when to choose it. 

Now let's understand how to build a story around the selected keyword in our article. 

4. How to Build a story around the keywords

Now we have selected a keyword, for our article, let's build a story around it. 

Selecting the Correct keyword is a Difficult part. Once if we're done with that part then building a story around it is easy. 

First of all, you need a correct and clickable Headline. Nearly 60% of readers simply read the Headline and only 10% of readers actually go through your article. 

So the first step is to select the best and clickable headline.  

Note: Headline must contain that particular keyword

The second part is the Introduction, you should sound like you have been there and you know about it. Don't sound like a machine. 

Note: The introduction should contain a brief explanation with a relevant image. 

The Third part is the Problem and Solution. You should name the problem and then explain the solution in the best way possible. 

Note: This is the tricky one. you need to state the problem and also the explanation in detail with a relevant image. 

The fourth step is the conclusion. You need to briefly explain what is this article is about and the solution to a problem that your audience is searching for. 

Note: You should link to the relevant pages for that particular keyword. 

The final step is calling to action. Unless you make the reader take action about it, then you are only 50% successful. 

5.How to use keyword research tools

Now we know what most SEO experts know, rite. Let's have a look at the top tools that are used by most SEO experts. 

Here are the top 10 tools, that are used the most. 
  • Google search 
  • Google trends
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Keywords Everywhere
  • Answer the Public
  • Amazon
  • Wikipedia
  • SEMrush
  • Ubersuggest
  • ahrefs
Let's talk about free tools first "Free"

Google search is a simple and free way to know keywords. Simply hover over to google and start typing the keywords you'll get the most relevant keywords. 

Car insurance Keyword on google search

All these results are the keywords of that particular kind. 

Google Trends are another free tool that was offered by Google. it is the most used free tool. 

Let's have the same example as the above search. "car insurance"

car insurance keyword in google trends

    Google Keyword Planner this one is also called as google ads. It was primarily meant for google ads. But this also serves as a keyword finder. 

    Let's take Coffee as a search term and search it on the Keyword planner. keyword planner

      Keywords Everywhere 
      This is an extension to your browser. This tool is also free. 

      Let's take the same example "Coffee"

      Coffee keyword on keywords everywhere

      This gives you many options like Historical trend, most relevant ways, and you can also export them to excel file. 

      Answer the Public This is one of the interesting tools that I've been using and impressed. 

      Let's try the same example "Coffee"

      Answer the Public.Coffee.keyword

      Don't you think this is the best tool? 

      You can export the same to an excel file. 

      Amazon  This is a totally Different tool that you can use for keyword research. Simply type any keyword in the search bar in amazon it gives you the related search results. If you're doing amazon affiliation this might work pretty well. 


      Wikipedia once upon a time this was my best tool. It is the best way to find relevant results.
      All those links also act as a keyword. 

      Let's talk about paid services. "Paid"

      SEMrush This is the most used free tool. This comes with a 30-day free trial. Compared with other tools it is most used. 

      SEMrush -keyword planner

      UbersuggestThis a tool that was made by Neil Patel, founder of Ubersuggest. This is free. but you can not get the best about it unless you have a subscription. 

      Ubersuggest's Keyword Research

      ahrefs This is the most premium tool among all. But the value that you can get out of it is tremendous. But for Beginners, I won't suggest this tool. 

      ahrefs keyword research tool


      Now we both are on the same page. You have the same knowledge and information that I have. I simplified most of them. But these tools are more than enough to make the difference. 

      Keywords are not that difficult. This process might take some time. But once you master this (It takes beginners max 33 days). to use these keywords. 

      It is not a big deal to get the best out of free tools. But you need to keep some effort. On the other side, paid tools to give you everything in one place. 

      Now it's your turn, try these processes and tools that I have been using.

      Since you know what keywords are, and why they are important and you know how to do keyword research. Let's talk about "On-page SEO". 

      On-page SEO helps you to build authority for your content on the Blog on the website.