Marketing Tips and Tricks

Just like any other carrier, Blogging also becoming part-time as well as a full-time carrier for so many of us. However, the success ratio in these platforms is becoming harder every day, due to high completion from established players as well as new players. 

You might have the best content available, with you. But if it is not marketed properly, then you're making the biggest mistake.

Check out this valuable blog, in which bloggers and digital marketers told about marketing.  

For a long time putting together, the quality content was difficult. But the landscape has changed. Many YouTubers are just writing one or two blog posts and making fancy videos, trying to attract your eye. 

Unless you out stand from all these things your blog can not survive. Just have one checklist, If you have the quality content then you're almost set. The second part is marketing it. 

Stick with me, ill tell you the best marketing tips that will work for you. 

There might be a tone of other ways, but this is the code that I follow regularly. This Code worked for me. Maybe you should try this. 

Follow this Strategy "CMAR" 

"Create Quality Content"
"Market Regureally"
"Attract New Readers"
"Retain and Re-Invest"

List of Marketing Tips and Tricks for Bloggers

Here is the list of tips and tricks that will help you in the marketing journey for bloggers.

1. Educate first, then Monetize

Making some pay for your work is very heard. So what should you do? Educate them first and then think about monetizing. 

If you're a Blogger like me, trying to educate then you need to have some grip on all the platforms and you need to have some content as well under your belt. Anyone who's coming to your blog is not going to search for one particular blog. They always tend to look for multiple posts. 

My suggestion is try to have at least 30+ articles under your belt and then approach others/customers. Only then they will believe that you are a really worthy one to be considered. 

Monetization should be your goal. But initially, you need to have loyal followers for that. Right. If you need to have loyal followers then you need to have content. "Lots of valuable content". 

2. Content, Content, and Content

I've told this many times. "Content is the king". I'll tell this 100 times more. Content is the only way to get ranked on the top. 

You might think to use shady techniques to get ranked on the top. But in the long run, nothing will stand in between the quality content and the other stuff. 

Content, it may in simple text, a simple chart, infographic, or video, try to create it in your own style. 

Without quality content, nothing can stand for long. 

3. Social Media

Especially for starters, social media is the only hope of reaching the masses. It is the only way for the majority of bloggers, to reach intended readers as well. 

Some top bloggers still depend on social media platforms to drive traffic to their sites. 

Take me as an example. I use/Using/ and Will continue to use Social media as a marketing ground. Don't take me wrong here, first try to have some content under your belt and then try to promote on social media, so that you will have some leverage over the other bloggers. 

You know this right if any reader gets fooled or not happy about the content that you provided he/she is 90% not likely to come back to your site. 

Back in 2010, no one would imagine social media would get a billion users. But It happened. but the number exceeded more than 2 billion within just five years. In 2019, around 2.77 billion people were using social media. 

With smartphones and internet connectivity becoming cheaper and easier to access, we can expect to see these numbers grow even higher within no time. It is estimated that by 2021, more than 3 billion people will be on social media.

Let's talk about all the social media platforms that will help your blog to grow. Some of these platforms help the readers directly go back to your site without leaving those platforms and some are closed-loop systems. In Which you the reader will stay on that platform. 

For Starters Social media marketing is the best way to get traction after Guest posting.

4. Understand the importance of "W4H1"


Don't worry, my friend. 

The majority of the searches that are tipped on google search console are starting with W4H1. Still confusing right. 
"What", "Where", "Why", "When" and "How".
The majority of questions start with these words. What I mean to say is!!!. You see I added "What" in the question. "What I mean to say is!"  

Now you know right. The importance of W4H1. You and I are most likely to use these words before the keyword. 

5. Update your old stuff and check for broken links

Many times, the posts are not updated as frequently as possible. This may affect the ranking as well. At least once or twice republishes your old content. 

The simple reason is, it is difficult to get ranked. If you do rank then you need to update that page and related pages as frequently as possible. 

6. Personalize the marketing message

Most of the time the marketing message looks Odd. The majority of the emails look like text that is generated from a Machine, not from a message. 

I know writing emails is not easy. But you can change the subject line and introduction line accordingly. For example, you intend to release a post on weekends, then include "happy weekend". 

Simple changes to your emails might change the outcome as well. 

7. Understand the Importance of Podcast and Video

Technological advancements like, voice devices, Podcasts, and intractable videos are going very rapidly. 

If you have a Podcast in your blog, it is 1600+ times more likely to get more views, and the interaction level is also very high. 

Videos are another important place to be capitalized. Thanks to the free internet and cheaper devices, video consumption is growing more rapidly. 

8. Location and live stream

Location-based blogs and websites are growing popular. For Example, when you go to any tourist place your most likely to search for a Website or blog near that particular place. 

Locational blogs are also easy to monetize. Thanks to their understanding of that particular location. 

Livestream is another popular marketing platform. It may be Instagram, Facebook, or any kind of it. Livestream are the best way to attract numerous customers, quickly. 

9. Automation (chatbots, emails) and AI

Every day there is new technology is coming out. Thanks to the Internet, everything is changing rapidly. 

In recent times, Bloggers are adopting it quickly. But the rate of adoption is slow. For example, chatbots, and automated emails. 

For example "Chatbots" is growing rapidly. Adding those to your blog is very important. This will help the reader to find exactly what they're looking for quickly. 

10. Importance of Time

Timing is very important. It may be publishing a New Blog Post or promoting it on social media. Everything has to be followed by certain timing. 

Try to schedule certain time patterns. The simple reason is if you follow certain time rules, it is more likely to get opened immediately or within the first 24 hours. 

The first 24 hours are very crucial. Just like news blogs, content that is older than 24 hours is more likely to get lesser views and engagement. 

11. Rebuild and Repurpose

Content is Very Precious. Creating it is not that easy. So what you should do? Rebuilding the old content and repurposing the same on all the available platforms, for better results. 

Don't worry about copywriters, or plagiarism. As long as you own the content you can republish on other platforms. Always leave a link saying the source. 

For example, take Snippets of the content and convert it into small and readable content and then post it on all social sites inconsistent way. 

12. Always Stand for your Brand

It may be a Photo, Text, or simple infographic, always include your Brand Logo. Follow a unique pattern and anyone should say it is yours. 

Just for the sake of promoting, don't sacrifice your passion. 

Always stand on One word, which shows tells about your Brand. 

Some other things to consider are 

1. Differentiating your blog from your landing page. 
2. Integrating Blog into your current website. 
3. Creating more user-friendly content and design. 
4. Following users sentiments and liking
5. Believe in Data and Analytics more
6. Writing what you know first and have a grip on it. 
7. Following other bloggers and understanding what their writing patterns are. 
8. Creating a Blog with more than 1500+ words and unique images in between. 

There is plenty of other stuff out there, but these are some of the most valuable points that you need to remember while promoting your blog.