Instagram for Bloggers

This would be the most favorite topic for many. Especially Gen Y and Gen Z

Instagram is the new trend in the market. As the majority of its users are in mid-teens. 

Another Facebook  (acquired) platform. It was a really trending and one of the fastest-growing social networking platforms since 2016. Thanks to User experience focused, it can help you share images, and videos instantly. 

It is very popular among lifestyle bloggers and influencers. 

You might also have this question as well. What are the top Social media sites out there?

Here it is 

Number of active social media users

"Instagram" might not be on the top 5. But it does have the fastest-growing user base and the engagement rate is also very high. 

Why is Instagram matter?

I don't have to say that at all. But I've to. If your new and don't know what is Instagram is, then check this out. 

If you’re new, then it is a mobile app that lets you share photos, videos, and more with friends and strangers.

Facebook bought Instagram for a cool $1b in 2012. Do you believe that? It was one of the largest acquisitions in the tech world. 

After that Instagram has changed a lot and upgraded itself. Now facebook get a major chunk of its revenue through Instagram. 

Where ever there are people there is a scope for Marketing rite. Yes, it is true. It may be a Market place or on the internet. 

Here are some of the interesting facts on Instagram. 

As of June 2018, Instagram has 1 billion users worldwide, and out of 1 Billion More than 500 million of which are active daily users. (Source)

Instagram User Base form 2013-18

Now you believe me rite. Statista is one of the largest data gathering and analysis firm based out of Germany. 

Let's find out more. Okay. Which country has the largest Instagram user base? You guessed it. It is the USA, Followed By India. According to Statista

Country wise Instagram users

Now you know where the Instagram user bases are rite. If your user base is located in these areas there is a lot of scope that you will be more successful in blogging as well as on Instagram. 

Why should I want to Focus on Instagram?

Just look at the Demographics and you will tell me that Instagram is really a potential marketable place. 

Instagram is very popular among the younger generations. According to Statista, 30% of users are aged between 18 and 24, and 34% are aged between 25 and 34. It is a purely visual platform. 

Instagram User Demographics

The ideal age groups are between 18 to 33 exactly where Instagram is good. 

just like Pinterest, you can share images and also videos. By 2018 it reached 1 Billion marks. The majority of younger Facebook users are more likely to shift to Instagram. 

Best ways to use Instagram to promote your blog?

First, tell me this, how much time are you spending on social media?

Daily time spent on Social media
Now you know. The daily time spent on social media is increasing consistently over the years. 

Let's have a Look at Instagram. 

Time Spent on Instagram
Time spent on Youtube and Instagram is the highest. Even the conversion rate is also high on Instagram compared with Facebook. 

Here is another impressive article on how teens see social media. 

How teens see Social media
Not only this many other articles also suggest social media is better in some cases. But for markets, it is the gold mine. 

This point you and I both know that Instagram is really a worthy place to market our work rite. Let's check it how

Let's talk about the business 

Instagram For Bloggers

1. Intro

Let's start with your Instagram profile. It is the second most important thing on Instagram. The first one is the post. 

In Profile with just 150 words you need to describe all about you I mean what are you, what are your offerings, others like superman powers😅 like that? 

Instagram Profile

If your a Blogger check out this. carefully. You'll get an idea. 

Make sure you write a short but accurate storytelling user who you are, what you're passionate about, and what you do over on your blog.

Follow "Kiss": Keep it Sweat and Simple. 

Don't forget to add call-to-action and a link to your blog or website. This is very important because you can't add a clickable link anywhere else on your Instagram.

2. Post quality and highly relevant content

Bill gates told in 1996, that "Content is the king". It is true to date. It may be Instagram or any other platform. It may be changing from Text to Images, Videos, and infographics. 

If you're trying to promote your blog and your content to a specific audience, start by making a list of all the types of Instagram posts you could create that's related to your niche or subject.

In addition to keeping your content sharing consistent with your blog or online business goals, make sure whatever it is you're sharing is high-quality stuff.

Even if it just an Image or few lines of text, it doesn't matter it should be an eye-catcher and interesting. 

3. Why Am I Different?

You and I are 100% different. It may be out tastes and interests or anything. Things that work for you might not work for me. 

You are unique so you need to differentiate. 

If you try to kill your interest and try to follow, one day or the other you'll fail. 

So Be careful. You need to understand, what exactly you really. Are you willing to work late nights and willing to work without pay? If you love what you are doing then master it from all sides. 

For Example, if you're a Motivator, They focus on building brand loyalty around your self first. Are you willing to help others without any return? Then one day or the other you will master it and you can make loyalty quickly.   

4. Follow other influencers in your niche. 

Posting engaging and "Likable" content is one great way to get noticed and to grow your Instagram followers. Rite. 

Another effective way is to actively follow, 'Like', and 'Comment' on content shared by users in your blogging circle of friends.

See if any of the bloggers you follow are actually on Instagram, to begin with. Then start following them and try to be first to respond with comments and suggestions. 

5. Interlinking

What I Mean to say is that you need to link all your social media profiles together. If you are active on Instagram or on Twitter, then interlink. 

You also need to leave a link in the blog. Make it easy to follow you. 

Don't forget to Promote your blog snippets on your Instagram regularly. 

6. What is coming next?

You need to be full of surprises. Otherwise, the hooking nature of your audience will decrease over time. 

Are you working on something new and cool that you can barely keep it a secret?

Buss, Hype, and face news always have a high tendency to go viral. Just like that, you need to be creative. 

A great way to start creating excitement, hype, and buzz around your new 'thing' on Instagram, whatever that new thing might be, is to tease your audience.

Let them know that something BIG is coming, make them guess. 

7. Be Regular/consistent

Just like Celebrities like Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga, you shouldn't post 1 or 2 posts a week or for 15 days. 

You need to post 3 posts a day to gain valuable followers. This applies to anyone. It may be a Blogger, Developer, Lifestyle, or anything that case. Any efforts that you keep on social media, it works only if you're consistent. 
Vlauable content + Consistency = more content views and engagement = more followers = more clicks to your blog or website.
Consistency is the key to gain followers. It may be one post per day, you need to be regular. 

8. Under Promise and Over-deliver 

Free Beis, like giveaways. This also one of the tactics that are used by many Instagrammers to gain fan followers. This works really great in terms of building loyalty. 

It is Better to UnderPromise and over deliver than Vice versa
This quote is mostly used by marketers all around the world. Now you're also a Marketer. Who is trying to promote their work Rite? 

Instagram is a unique place, and also a creative way to market your blog and content while continuing to provide great value for your followers.

9. Using Instagram Ads to drive traffic. 

When it comes to ads many bloggers and digital marketers have different opinions. However many say ads that are run on Instagram are more effective. 

Using Ads to promote your content on Instagram is not expensive at all. Here you have much greater flexibility to promote your self. 

One of the Great things about using Instagram Ads is that you can actually select where you want to send people. In this case, your blog, or your latest blog post, or a conversion page on your website.

You can also quickly select your target audience by either letting Instagram target people for you, or you can create your own using targeting options.

Facebook made Instagram end user friendly. So no need to worry about miss steps or fallouts on Instagram. 

Okay, Do you have tips or suggestions?

There may be 10s and 100s of tips out there, and Instagram Master may tell you, to do this and that.  But everything boils down to these tips.

Here are some of the interesting tips that will help you to master Instagram. 

1. Create your own Style/Brand

Creating your own style means, it may be Design, Colour, or Pattern of posts. Finding that particular and unique style may take time but, keep looking for that. 

Just like any other Instagrammer if you keep posting different types of posts you might gain followers fast but in the long run, the conversion would be less than expected. 

2. Testing. Testing. Keep on Testing.

This point is mostly related to the previous point. Which means things that work for me might not work for you. and whatever works for you might not work for me. Rite. 
Never settle for anything less than your best
If you keep looking one day or the other your post might go viral. So keep looking for that golden egg. 

3. Post frequently

According to Founder Posts, the frequency also matters in Instagram marketing and audience engagement. On Average, most of the top Instagram users post 3-10 pictures/day. 

Recent times Instagram and Facebook are pushing more on Video Content as well. Video content is more engaging, as an average session time is 21+ Minutes compared to 10 to 12+ Minutes on regular posts. 

4. Co-Operation and Collaborate with others

You might be best on Instagram and you also might have 1000's of followers. If you are not interacting and understanding the actual audience needs you might not have the ability to tap into audience needs. 

Co-Operate with other bloggers and others who need help. And also collaborate with others in case of polls and suggestions. 

This way you will build brand loyalty more than you can think of.

5. Instagram Explorer or  Internet Explorer

No, I'm Not talking about Microsoft's Internet Explorer. I'm Talking about Instagram Explorer. This means you need to explore all the other features and other successful Instagrammers regularly. 

Somes time you and I miss some things that are not important. But they might have significant value in the market. 

I know you might be regular to Instagram but you also need to be a Gold Digger. You need to explore other profiles and other features as well. 

6. Instagram Videos, Stories, and Hashtags

You Probably know this. On Instagram, we can post Videos photos, and text rite. 

Sometimes you might have what is the ideal size of these Posts, stories and videos should be rite. 

What are the dimensions of Instagram?

Instagram video and photo sizes have varying dimensions depending on the orientation of the photo and the tool it’s being posted with. 

Here’s a quick list of the most common Instagram photo and video dimensions:

Instagram Sizes

Type of Instagram Post Instagram Post Size
Square Photo 1080 x 1080px
Landscape Photo 1080 x 608px
IGTV Cover Photo 420 x 654px
Portrait Photo 1080 x 1350px
Instagram Stories 1080 x 1920px
Instagram Square Video 1080 x 1080px
Instagram Landscape Video 1080 x 608px
Instagram Portrait Video 1080 x 1350px
These are the ideal sizes. Try to do these sizes for better optimization. 

7. Engagement and Enhancement

Compared with Facebook and Snapchat or in that case any other social platform, Instagram is more Engage oriented. So you know this too. 

Facebook/Instagram is trying to keep users more time on their platform. So that they can better understand you and me for better marketing opportunities. 

You also need to understand that. You need to engage and enhance the chart options on Instagram. 

8. Show your Creative Skills

Instagram has emerged as the go-to place for showcasing creative skills. It's true. You can simply take your phone and install Instagram, You can shoot videos and photos and post them, this will reach millions of users. 

If your a dancer then Instagram is a much better option than Ticktock. Instagram is more secure then Ticktock. If your a blogger or adviser then go with Instagram posts regularly and post content as well regularly to provide knowledge to users. 

Recommended resource Do check this out if you want to master Instagram for your Business. 
Getting started with the official Instagram Business account chek this official page from Instagram.

Now it's your turn. What are your plans and what are you think to do with Instagram. Do let me know in the comments.