Marketing through Comments

I my self wondered for a long time do I need to keep the comments section in my blog? How well it's going to help me and my blog? 

Okay, if do include the comments section, then what? How many are going to comment on it? If no one is commenting then what's next? 

There are many more questions. Like that. 

Not only me many successful floggers might have the same question in the beginning. But, they know how important comments are now. With their experience.

Comments are not only to express your views but also to build personal elation with your readers. Both inside the blog outside "Social media" as well. 

A blog is the best place to express your thoughts and your knowledge. Rite. Without comments how do you know it is worthy or did add value to readers. 

Let's start from the beginning, ill cover everything that you need to know about comments and "How to Use Blog Comments properly" in your blog. 

First, start with a common question. 

What are Blog Comments and Why are they important

Definition: "Blog commenting is defined as a relationship between blogs, bloggers, and blog readers."

It is a great way to exchange ideas, thoughts, or opinions about what people feel for a particular topic or a blog post. Blog comments help the blog to attract traffic and makes it socially engageable. 

From day one when you got your first mobile phone, you are definitely using messaging platforms like WhatsApp, or Ichat. rite. similarly, blogs also have a commenting section where readers and writers meet. 

Generally, ar the end of each post blog writers or owners wold include a comments section where readers can ask questions or clarify doubts if they have any. 


Keeping the comments section is up to the blog owner. However this is also a factor of ranking, and also helps to build relations with readers personally. 

If a reader stays on a blog for more time then google knows that is more valuable content, and this will aid in ranking high on Google search results rite. 

Comments are one of the factors in the Google ranking factor as well. 

It helps in Linkbuilding too. Especially with other bloggers, they can link that comment. 

Comments also build special and personal realization with readers as well. It is the primary purpose. If more and more people are trying to comment irrespective of the quality of the content then your article will rank high. 

According to Nielsen Norman Group, 90% of the people don’t participate, while 1% account for most of the participation in comments. 
Blog Comments
For example write a article on Orange juice and you to write the same article ou include comments section and Blogger. A didn't have a comments section. 

Even if your article is not 100% best compared with other bloggers but you have a comments section and you're most likely to get ranked high. 

You wouldn't believe this, but it is true. You can market/promote your blog with comments as well. Once you reached that fancy number of yours, those who read your blog then your most likely to generate revenue out of comments as well. 

Should You consider comments? 

Frankly, this is up to you. If you are trying to teach then you may not like to have comments sectional all. this will distract you and your readers. 

“Without comments, a blog isn’t really a blog. Blogging is not just about publishing content, it is two-way communication.” 

Here is the importance of comments. 

In 2014, Copyblogger announced that they were removing comments. but then brought comments back in 2016.

Do i Need comments at first place

There are many examples like that. 

Ther are other cases where some bloggers completely ditched the comments section. It's all up to you and depends on your readers. 

At the end of the day you should ask this question are my comments going to add value to my readers or not. If comments are going to add value then you should build more on that part. 

Check out the Hubsport comments co-relation stats.

How are Comments going to Help your Blog 

Comments are also one of the factors to rank. Building comments are the key to building relationships as well. 
How are Comments going to Help your Blog

It may be one line of comment or 100 lines of comment, as long as your ability to keep the reader in your blog post that is more likely to get ranked. 

1. Rank High on Ranking

Google uses 200+ factors while ranking an article rite. You and I both know that. Comments are one of them. If your able to build commendable followers that's really great. 

If people are spending more time on your blog it is more likely due to the quality of the content or the relation that you built. 

Make sure you are able to keep readers as long as possible in your blog. 

2. Building Loyal followers

Building a reader base is not that easy, at the same time to build loyal followers is much harder. Rite. If you're a blogger or youtube then you know this very well. 

But with an effective comments section, you can do it easily. If someone wrote a comment in your blog then make sure you comment it with utmost empathy. write with a full heart.

If you lose one loyal follower then your most likely to lose 10 other followers trust too. Keep it in mind. Building relation is the main concept of comments. 

3. Finding New Topic to Blog about

Comments are the best place to know your reader's mood Rite. And It is also the best place to find out new topics as well. 

For example, if you write a blog on Dog food, then you are most likely to get questions regarding it. Like how to use it, Or what are the alternatives. 

If you're confused about what to blog, then simply check out your comments section, I can bet you'll find inspiration or topic to blog about. 

4. Link Building & "SEO"  

You know comments help you in SEO and also help you to build more links as well. If your article is ranked hight then your blog is most likely to get more backlinks than any other article. Rite. Similarly, with more and more comments it is a sign that you're mostly to build more links. 

You and I both know how important Link building is rite. If we have valuable comments and readers are spending more time on the blog post then it will help in ranking as well. 

5. Increase social proof 

If your able to comment and build a conversation that's really great it's going to build stronger social proof. It also tells how friendly and dedicated you're. 

You may not be regular, but if you're able to respond to each and every comment then definitely building good relationships as well. 

6. Measuring the success

Comments are also the best way to measure the success rate of your article. If your article is able to gain more traction than any other blog with the same content, your blog is more likely to get suggested and ranked. 

If your article crosses more than 25 to 50 comments, I can say that your article would be most likely ranking on the 1st page of google search results. 

How to Encourage People to Comment more on your Blog

Getting readers to comment on your blog post is not that easy. if you do that then you need to focus on building more comments rite. 

How to Encourage People to Comment more on your Blog

Let's check out how to build more comments inflow to your blog. 

1. Close Blog Post with open-ended questions

Writing a Blog is not that easy it takes time. Just like that building reader bases is also not that easy. Just like these two getting comments also not that easy. 

So you always need to ask for suggestions and questions. This way the reader might give you a thumbs-up or comment. 

You might have seen this point. "Call to Action". I often refer to my previous blog posts as well. Rite. So you need to utilize this properly. 

Always end a blog with an open-ended question. It may be as simple as di you like this article. if your reply yes or if No reply No. 

2. Write Something Insightful and motivational. 

I know you need to focus on your Niche all the time. That doesn't mean you should blog about other things. Like if you are blogging about food. Particularly about breakfast in your blog. You can also blog about fitness. 

If you pick up a little bit this will attract others too. In the above example "Breakfast and Fitness are closely related. 

Start a Blog with "Fitness people breakfast" or "oats for bodybuilders? Will, it works"

Write a blog on influencers or you can write on your self as well. Try to motivate the readers. this will help you to build more in-depth relations. 

3. Be Controversial, don't end without completing the full conversation

Getting someone to comment is not that easy. At the same time terminating a comment is also easy but at what cost. 

If some reader asks a question don't reply in one word. Try to build a long relationship with a series of comments. 

This way he/she would feel like the writer is showing interest in each and every reader. 

Build a conversation. as long as you are in the loop you can build comments more than your article as well.

Many times bloggers go out of the loop and build a conversation. This might be good for that one reader what about others. they feel you are not doing it correctly and they might not reply at all. 

4. Create Blog Posts Around Top Comments

If you find any comment really worthy enough and you are happy writing a blog on that, then it's good. Really good. You can build a loyal lifetime reader for free. 

Comments are the other important source of hidden talent. 

If you are unable to decide what to blog about then simply jump to previous comments and find what is that particular comment has more traction. 

5. Be active in your Niche and comment regularly in your guru's blog

Being active doesn't mean simply reading the article and not commenting. You need to be active in your niche all the time. If you have a guru in your niche don't miss a single article. you need to be caught in the writer's eye. 

There may be 100+ bloggers in your niche, you need to be active in all. Select the top 10 and another 10 blogs that are in your level and be active in those all the time. 

Make sure you read and comment appropriately. Be consistent and regular.  

6. Share a case study or in-depth article

Sharing your own research paper or in-depth article will help you in building quality backlinks rite. You and both know that. 

In a similar way if you're able to write a case-study or in-depth article then you're making a reader's life much easier. They can find all thing in one place. 

If you have time then build a strong, in-depth article and promote that for a while and then build links to other articles in your blog. 

If you are able to publish hi-quality content, like in-depth case studies at least 3 per year also good. 

Generally, large organizations do that. If you do that work there might be a chance you might get an invite to do guest posting on their platform as well. 

An in-depth article and case study will help to build stronger comments as well.

7. Be unexpected or Host a contest or give freebies 

I know you need to be regular, and I also told you that you need to follow certain times rite. Well, that is true and anyone would suggest that. 

At the same time, you need to be unexpected as well. if you have a large follower base than you should do this often. 

Host a contest or run a poll. ask for suggestions or feedback. 

Giving freebies occasionally also helps you to boost your reader's base as well. Especially during festival season if you give coupons this will definitely build stranger relations. 

8. Interview an influential person or be regular commenter in their blogs

If you own a youtube channel then it is really great. You can build more visitors to both platforms simultaneously. 

Try to arrange an interview with another successful blogger in your niche and promote that. If you do that you can attract their readers to your blog. 

Getting an interview might take hardly 30 to 40 minutes but if your able to capitalize that you can gain more reader-base quickly. 

9. Refer to Comments in Future Posts

If say, you found a comment interesting and very help full. Or if you find out that one of your comments is inspired you to write an article. 

Then take a Snippet of that comment and place it in that article. This way you can gain one or more valuable readers for a lifetime for free. 

It is not a hard task, or simply mention their name and suggestion in the future article. It is as easy as asking for comments. rite. Compared to all the other promotional actives this is the most effective one. 

10. Respond to all. "Ensure you replied to all"

Sometimes you and I miss or forget to comment or reply to one. There are some tools for WordPress users to relies on to solve that. So use them for commenting purposes. 

Make sure you replied to each and every comment. Even a simple thank you count as well. 

If you forget to reply to someone, don't leave it like that at least leave a like, that works too. If you replied to every comment and you missed someone and this will show that person as ignorant. Don't do that. That would be the worst mistake. 

make sure all of your comments are replied. 

Bonus. Respond with Personal Emails if you have to 

If a reader asks you about that course or service that your offering in the comments, then don't reply there. This might look like a sales pitch. Instead, write a personal email and explain what is about and make sure you appreciate that comment. 

Some other cases like you might have made a mistake, and a reader tells you that. In those cases, you need to reply in comments and with a personal email. 

Comments will help your brand image in the blog and personal email will place a special place in the reader's heart. 

So make sure you reply with an email whenever required. 

Common Commenting Mistakes that You Need to Avoid 

These are some of the common commenting mistakes that most of the bloggers do. For starters it is not that important, but if your blogging for a while then you need to reconsider the commenting strategy. 
Common Commenting Mistakes that You Need to Avoid

1. Sales pitches in Comments

Comments are meant for building conversation between the reader and the creator. That doesn't mean you can use that as a sales ground. Yes, you can do that too. 

Which is not the best way. you might have their email rite. write a personal email regarding that comment and then build relations. 

Right away don't try to see stuff in the comments. You might make one happy. what about the rest. They might think you are trying to see stuff and they will not comment. 

2. Using a fake email address and Fake Names

This is the often reported mistake most of the non-bloggers do. They fear that if we give our emails or names they might steal our Information. 

Don't be alarmed. This is not going to happen. Unless you are using non-https or non-secure sites. Or directing going and giving your information without knowing to whom you are actually giving too. 

Using fake emails and Fake names will mislead the blog owner and they might find it difficult to operate. 

"Please don't do that"

Your data won't be shared with anyone. On average your data like your name and emails are much safer in blogs than in your Facebook account. 

3. Leaving comments on non-industry blogs

This is another common mistake that many do. Simply going to non-industry blogs and commenting there. 

It's okay if you're able to find information. For example, you might go to a technical blogger and say thanks for the tip that he shared over the internet, that you might install in your blog. 

Simply leaving comments on other niches will be a waste of time for both the writer and you. No one going to benefit from that. 

4. Irrelevant Comments (Not-related to topic)

In our previous point, I've told that leaving a comment in the non-industry blog is just a waste of our time. Rite. Simireally, leaving an irrelevant comment is also has an equal flaw. 

It means you might have written a blog on cakes and someone might ask you how to make coffee. It is totally out of the scope. Yeah, both might be for us to eat and drink. 

Leaving irrelevant comments is also a bad habit and if you are following any particular blogger for a while then you might lose trust and they might think you as a waste of time and they will ignore you. 

If I was in that position ill simply delete that comment and not even bother at all. 

5. Asking a question and not going back

I often see this in many blogs. Someone might be excited about the blog that they just read and they ask a question related to that. 

But, they will return back. or not even bother replying to that particular answer. Which is a really bad idea. 

If your asking question, then at least say thank you or remind them again. If they don't reply ignore it. They might have other works too. 

In the majority cases, most of the bloggers do reply within 48 hours. 

6. Writing a spammy comment

Just for the sake of commenting don't comment. If you're continuously engaging with your readers that's good news. If you are not trying to be active you need to think twice. 

If someone is new to the niche encourage them and for veteran bloggers to ask questions. This way you are creating a conversation that will lead interest in you and in your blog as well. 

Google can identify the difference between spam and authentic comments. Don't try to fool Google or the owner of the blog. Write an authentic comment. If you're not happy commenting then leave it. 

7. Responding after ages

Each and every one of us has the same 24 hours. Some might reply within hours and some might reply within 48 hours. 

Responding within 24 hours is the best way to build stronger relations. But if you see the comments and not even reply at all then you are making a mistake.  

If you have no time and you replied after some time, it's okay don't just answer the question, first, say sorry for the late response and then appreciate for their patience and then answer the question. 

How to Build Relationships With Blog Comments 

Now we know almost everything that is related to comments. Rite. Why are they important and what are things that we can and we shouldest do. 

How to Build Relationships With Blog Comments

Now let's see how to build relationships with the commenter. 

1. Write in a Personal Voice, and in your own style. 

Now you know the importance of comment rite. At the same time be Shakespeare or some other famous writer. 

Reply in your own tone. 

When you are writing a comment reply in such a way that you are talking to a friend. Don't use fancy English. This will not encourage the reader to reply in the future. 

2. Invite Reader to Response by Asking Questions

At the end of the article ask for their suggestions and thoughts. This is also commonly referred to as "Call to action" it may not only buy something this also can refer to asking comments. 

By simply asking to respond will help you to build relationships as well. 

You can end the article by simply asking "What are your thoughts and where you planning to do next". or "did you learned something new today. if yes please leave a comment with yes or No then say no". 

3. Don’t be an Albert Einstein, Admit You made a mistake. 

If any of your readers tell you that you made a mistake or you find something don't prove your self correct. Admit it. 

You and I are not Einstein, we make mistakes. Admitting a mistake is more important than proving your self correct. 

Appreciate the reader for fining that flaw and say thank you. Some times you might have to learn from kids as well. 

4. Use Readers’ Names, Say a Simple “Hello” and Show Empathy

In many cases, readers ask by typing in their name and email. Rite. 

While your replying, start with their name and say hello and appreciate if you have to. 

Don't simply answer a question, right away. Use their name. Its hardly 6 to 7 letters. If you use their name they feel like connected and then the conversation will build on it. 


Hello Shan,

Thank you for your response.

Here is the solution.

Your's friend in need
your name

By simply saying this you can build personal relationships as well. 

5. Ask suggestions and Further Questions

If someone replies with the most suitable reply that you are expecting then ask that person about the next article and ask for suggestions. 

Some times mistakes that you made might not be visible to you but someone might find that. If they do find it then build a personal relationship as well. 

Ask for suggestions thoughts, not that topic as well. If you are planning t write an article on some topic and your confused about what to pick and how to start then ask that person about it. 

You may follow it or not. It doesn't matter. It's up to you. 

6. Invite Other Readers to Share Their Solutions and suggestions

Just like the previous point, ask or invite the reader to share their solutions and suggestions often. This way you can look like you are actually listening to them and they will trust you as well. 

If you have a hard time finding a solution then ask the other readers about that and ask for their solution and suggestions. 


Now you know how important comments are rite. Comments are really not a that hard task to fill in. It will help you to build a personal brand image. 

Comments may be your gateway to success, or you might be selling something online, if you have more comments on that particular topic then it is more likely to get more sales as well. 

Now you know comments are not only for building relationships but also for marketing rite. I hope this article helps you to gain some knowledge today. 

So what are your plans? and what are you planning to do?

 If you have any suggestions please leave a comment below in the comments section. and "Utilise comments properly" in your blog as well.