Build Audience

 Writing valuable content or compelling content is not enough to gain audience trust. It is True, Not only for bloggers ever for the big tech. 

You need to have "Courage" to face anything. 

From day one act as a seller and try to promote your content all the platforms. 

Winning one Audience trust is like gaining 100 new readers. Okay, that is how it is difficult it is. 

Everything boils down to your niche. In my previous article Pick a Topic, I've talked about Niche. 

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Here is the list of tips that you need to follow while building the audience. 

Building an Audience base is not a one day task. This might take months or even years. 

1. Understand you're audience reactions from day one. 

If you're able to identify proper a Niche that you want to blog about, then you're half a way through. 

Right from day one understand audience reaction. I know, it might take 3 or more months to build a considerable audience. 

But if you act like a seller, you're audience won't believe you. So act like a friend. 

You did articles, right? If you go through any of them, you know how I write, just talking to a friend. I'm not trying to sell anything. 


If your audience doesn't like the article consider replacing it with more valuable and completing content. 

If any of you're blog is a hit, it means your audience liked it most. So write the other articles in that format. 

2. Build Email List

Building an Email list is a very important task of all the tasks in promoting. Because every reader might be lost, they might forget you. 

If you have their email you can email the latest topic to them directly. In that way, you can gain trust.  

Again "Reminder: Don't act like a seller." 

Email List
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If you have any difficulty finding emails, then simply add the subscription form on the landing page. 

It is free and doesn't cost a single dollar. 

3. Include contact form 

Including Contact form in every blog is as important as including the comments section.

For example, if I'm a  customer and found your article on the web and I like it. If I want to approach you what is the medium. 

So always include a contact form on every blog post. 

Contact Form

It is very easy, in any of the blogging platforms it is like an addon. 

They(customers/Readers) can directly reach you. 

4. Send weekly email alters about the New article

Previously in the 2nd step, I've talked about collecting Emails. right? 

If you release an article, you might want to share directly with your audience, right? Newsletter, or also call email alerts about the news article. 

News Letter

Whenever you write an article send it like a personal email with all the audience. 

This way you can directly reach to your audience. 

Don't send daily newsletters, okay. this is not a good process. 

5. Praise you're Audience for their suggestions in the blog post

Praising you're Audience for suggestions in the blog is very important. The reason is, you can build "not a reader, but a Follower". 

If you include any reader's names, in the blog, they are most likely to stay with you all the time. 

It won't cost anything, but you would be seen as a Clos Friend, and they would do anything. 

Simply take a screenshot of the comment or the suggestion and add it to the bottom of the blog. 

6. Send an email to other bloggers about new things

Sending emails to other bloggers/"Competitors for Business", will help you in understanding what you really are. 

For example, your blog about technology, and you found something interesting, that you want to share it with another blogger, who is in the same field. 

This way you can build trust among other bloggers and if they write a blog on it, then they might add you in the blog link. 

Be Super cautious while writing an email to another person in the same field. But this kind of risk will help you in the long run. 

7. Run Audience Polls 

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media platform has Audience polls. Many ignore it. 

If you're confused about your next article, then simply create an audience poll and you'll get valuable insights about what your audience really wants. 

Online Poll

This doesn't require more than 5 minutes. Simply add you're thoughts and press a button to go live. All you're audience might see it and they will give their thoughts. 

This way you're one step closer to you're the audience. 

8. Join relevant Groups 

Joining Niche/Relevant groups is very important. Because the world is not limited to you're blog. 

There are pro, bloggers who are in the industry for more than you're. They share information regularly on the groups. 

The best platform is Reddit. This is the best platform to find the best and efficient groups. 

Some groups are easy to join, but some aren't. Some groups need admin permission to let you in. But try to join. 

9. Ask for honest feedback

You and I love our Blogs. You and I can not find any Flaws in our blogs. But others can. 

Simply asking for feedback about the blog, you can know where are you making mistakes. and where are you good at. 

Ask for honest feedback, from your readers, if you feel not confident enough write an email o other bloggers ad ask for their review. 


This way you can make good friends, outside and inside you're a niche space. 

10. Every Day is a New Day

Every day is a new day. Believe me guys, you should feel every day is like your first day blogging. 

I mean to say, you might have a bad day or good day, this shouldn't affect you tomorrow. right. 

So every day when you woke up consider it a new and happy day. and try to make others day too. 

If you publish any content, when you're sad, then the content also looks sad.

Write a blog as you had a really good day. 

If you're able to make your readers day a bit happier than yesterday, I can guarantee that your reader will come back to you the next day. 


Now you know, why building an audience is very important, right. 

Praising the audience in the blog post, is a very important step, because, they too will have an identity on the internet. 

If you write a personal email telling me how you like their article, then you made a friend outside your place. 

It is not a One Day task. Building an audience base may take months and some cases years. But having one happy and the honest reader is equal to 100 readers, who shift to others.