Content Promotion

One day or the other you and I need to become Sales Man. Yes, it is true. You may like it or not, you have to do this. 

But with the internet, it is as easy as writing an email or posting a photo on social media. 

Many times I've been repeating this point "Content is the King" rite. If you have really valuable content that is not available on the internet, then your content will promote itself, without any involvement. 

This might take some time, but if it has real worth, you can gain organic ranking slowly but steadily. and you can also build strong backlinks. 

In today’s marketing scene, it is not enough to have quality content, it is also important to know how to promote that content through a variety of different channels. 

Better utilization of Keywords will come handy if you want to reach a larger audience. 

This might be the list of questions that you might have right now. 

    • What is Content Promotion
    • How to Do Content Promotion

Let's Dive into the topic and understand what are those in detail. 

What is Content Promotion

As the name suggests, it is the process of promoting your content (Blog) or (Website) on all platforms. 

This includes Social Media, Ads, Influencing, PR, Videos, and Podcasts. You can also consider NEWS paper. 

From day one, when you start blogging you should keep this point in mind. "Promotion" is the only way to reach out to the audience. 

Content Marketing / Promotion

Promoting content is like making sure your content finds the reader searching for it. Ranking high on organic results is not that easy. But if you do, your job here is done. 

Have a look at the definition

Definition : 

Content promotion is the process of distributing blog posts and other resources via both paid and organic channels, which may include PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, influencer outreach, PR, social media, email marketing, and other forms.

A strong content promotion strategy will include a multi-channel approach. 

For instance, social media and email should be used in tandem to build your audience. 

Promote your newsletter on your social media and encourage subscribers to follow along and engage with your brand on various social platforms. 

Having your followers share your emails and posts will help you get in front of your key demographic without spending your precious resources like money and time.

Now you know that from day one you need to promote your blog. Rite. Remember this is not one day, thigh. This is a regular task. 

You may write 2 or 3 articles in a month, but you need to promote content regularly. Otherwise, your competitor is going to eat your pie of customers. 

You and I don't like that. So schedule the list of topics in advance for a month and utilize auto-publish tools to promote content regularly on other platforms. 

Content Promotion

Hope you have an idea about "what is a content promotion", let's move on to another important question "How to and where to promote Content

How to Do Content Promotion

There is no smile way to promote content. You need to keep all the efforts that you spend on building content. 

It is the heard Truth. 

Basically, there are two ways you can promote your blog, one is for free and the other is Paid. Here is the list of ways you can promote your blog. 

Let's have a look into free forms first. As this requires "0" money but little time.


Following is the list of ways that you can promote your content for free. But this needs your attention and time. 

1. Social Media Promoting 

Social media is the best and primary source to drive traffic for the first time. Especially for beginner bloggers, this could be the only source of traffic. 

Social Media Promoting  for free

Immediately after publishing the article, your blog will not get ranked high on the Google search results. Google needs some time, based on various parameters your blog gets ranked. 

Here is the list of social media platforms that help your blog gets organic and free traffic. 

  • Pinterest
  • Quora
  • Tumbler
  • Twitter
  • Slide share
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram
  • Facebook (hate to say this but Facebook do drive little focussed traffic)
  • Other Platforms like "Whatsapp", etc. 

2. Influencer marketing 

In recent times Influencers are making a tone of money simply promoting products on their blog and on YouTube channels. 

They buy a product or get enforcement, from the manufactures and promote it, by telling the pros and cons and features. 

If you end up buying they get paid per sale through that source. 

Influencer marketing

If you want to do influencer marketing you need to have a strong customer base. However, for beginners, This won't be an easy task. 

Once if you have a strong reader base, you can make a good chunk of your revenue from this part alone. 

3. Leveraging Comments  

Do you know Comments are one of the easiest and best ways to promote your content for free fastly? 

At the end of every article, there would be a comments section. there you can get an authentic audience list and their information. 

Leveraging Comments

Write them a personalized comment if necessary email and ask them for suggestions And then ask them to share the content with their friends. 

Give them freebies like free ebooks, coupons, etc. 

4. Leveraging Emails 

I think you might have a "Subscribe to my newsletter" section on your blog. By this, you'll get a list of valuable emails. 

Send the latest article, with a personal note to them. 

Leveraging Emails

By this, your reader going to build real trust in you and you can get a loyal reader for a lifetime for free.

If you don't know how to leverage emails, it's not a problem. Keep collecting those emails, in an excel sheet. eventually, you'll get to know the importance of the emails.  

Collect email from LinkedIn if possible. 

5. Guest Posting 

Guest posting is one of the earliest proven ways to build quality as well as quantity of audience. First, find the list of bloggers in your niche and continue to post comments and build relation. 

Then ask them for suggestions and tips. Then tell them you are willing to write an article that going to give a tone of value to their readers. 

8 out of 10 would say no. But it's okay. keep trying and they will get to know your importance from your blog. 

Before that, you need to have really quality content under your sleeves. 

Give them a sample of articles and give suggestions. 

Try to write one article on their blogs. (1 guest posting for 1 month = 10 articles in one month on your personal blog if you're a beginner)

Guest Posting

There are other ways you can promote your blog for free. But these are the best ways to get results faster. 

Now let's look into paid forms. 

Reminder: This not suggestible for Beginner bloggers. 


Following is the list of ways that you can promote your content but you need to pay. 

1. PPC 

This is the most common form of promoting content for the first time. Here you'll pay the company that is trying to promote your blog. 

For every click on the ad's that you place you need to pay them. Cost may vary from time to time and region to region. On average cost may vary from $0.50 to $12. Based on the competition. 


If you're a beginner focus on building quality content and then if necessary try this step. 

2. Paid Social media 

Facebook is one of the common forms of paid social media plats that help to promote your content. But from 2019, this part became more difficult. 

Facebook and Instagram are trying to build in-platform instead of directing the audience to your site. 

If you are writing any blog that is related to social media then this will Help.

Among all the other "Pinterest" is the best way to get quality traffic regularly. 

3. Paid Search 

This method is almost dead. But there are still traces of it. Google won't allow this kind of search. This is against their rules. 

Here you would pay a bunch of readers to read your article, aiming to get ranking high on the organic results. 

Just ignore this point. This won't add any real value to your blog. If you get caught then your blog would be delisted or blocked from google. 

4. Content Promotion Platforms

There are content promoting platforms out there, that primarily focus on promoting content. There is a free alternative to it is Forums. Where you can promote your content. 

Best example if Linkedin, Quora, and few others. You can do it for free and also paid form. This also looks like advertising on Google Adsense. 

You can also arrange an agreement with other commercial bloggers to promote your blog on their articles, that will link to your blog. 

This also suggestible, but this won't be effective when compared with AD's (PPC) and paid social promotion. 

If you really in need of promoting your blog in paid formate focus on social media platforms like Pinterest. and secondly, focus on PPC. 

If you focus on paid approaches, you don’t want to pay to get in front of people who are not interested in that topic and who ate never going to convert.

Suggestion: The paid form of promotion is not advisable for beginners, but for established players, if you want to utilize this, make sure you have good and quality content. 

When you decide on a content promotion strategy, consider how many resources you’re willing to allocate and determine the goals you’d like to accomplish beforehand. 

While some avenues are better for discovery, others are better for conversions. 

To revisit the example of social media and email, social media is better for discovery. Your content is more likely to be discovered by users who may have never heard of your brand and your products. 

However, if your goal is conversions, your content promotion strategy should rely heavily on email. 

Your email subscribers are your most engaged followers and as such, they’re far more likely to convert.


No, you know what type of promotion is best for your blog, rite. Sometimes you need to give away stuff for free to gain valuable customers. That doesn't mean you should start a trust. 

Make sure you make at least 10 dollars more than you spend (deducting the value of time). 

This is not an easy task in this competitive world, but it sure does have lost of scope. Promoting valuable content, will, and should give you positive results. it may take time. But you can bet on it. 

Now we're good with Content Promotion.  Let's move on to another interesting topic Tracking SEO Success. Here comes the analysis part. You should know how to analyze SEO success and impact on your blog. 

Content promotion helps your blog to reach a wider audience faster. But if you don't understand which part is doing better, you may end up spending more time then it is actually required.