Publish and Promote

Here comes the marketing and selling part. In everyone's life, you and I need to sell something. 

You may love it or hate it, promoting and selling you're working is very important, if you want to monetize your blog you have to be a seller. 

Here is the list of tips that you have to follow. Even I do follow these steps. 

1. Publish valuable content 2 times a week

There is no alternative for valuable content. If you're able to release 1 or 2 valuable content every week then you can chill. 

If you plan to release every week two articles continuously, for 3 to 6 months then this will become a habit, and your readers will expect something from you. 

If you own a business or small start-up then you should plan to release articles every alternative day. 


Don't release content every day, because your audience won't read it every day. 

You should make it like a Job to go through your articles. So Release valuable content 2 times a week. 

2. Ask and Respond to each and every comment

By simply adding a call to action, you will have 2 advantages. One is your readers are more likely will become buyers, and you can have their email and name to send the email later. 

For example, if you lose a reader/customer simply send a personal email about the latest release, or give an offer to them that they will take a certain action. 

For every article ask your readers to comment below and you as a writer need to respond to each and every comment. 


This way you're creating valuable and trustworthy audiences. 

Every comment worth you're next article price. Take every day some time and check and reply to every comment. 

3. Use all the social media platforms 

For Starters Social media is the only and best platform out there. You should utilize all the available social media platforms, at any cost. 

I mean to say, all social media platforms are free, and you might have used them previously. 

you don't need to have any special knowledge to operate any social media, it may be Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, or Instagram. 

Social media
(Source: GetApp)

Every social media is one and the same, for the most part. 

Use a similar name on all accounts and share the content immediately you release any blog post. 

4. Give reasonable answer on Quora

Quora is the Q&A platform, where you can drive more traffic to you're blog.

Quora emerged as the best alternative to Wikipedia, for finding answers. 

You and I as a writer/Blogger should utilize Quora in the best way possible. Join the relevant community on Quora and try to answer relevant questions with relevant and actionable answers. 


My suggestion is to Add Images that have information on it so that readers will try to read the full page and most likely get to you're site. 

5. Paid ads are not suggestible

For Beginners like you, I wouldn't suggest going to paid ads. This comes at a hefty price tag, and the results are little to none. 

If you calculate ROI (Return on Investment) it is very less for bloggers. 
Paid ADs
How ever if you're selling products or services this type of ad will work. Most of the business user this tactic to reach a wider audience. 

There is an exception to this point too. For example, if you own a restaurant, Beauty parlor, or any other essentials, you can run ads in that particular community. 

This way you can attract more customers to you is shop. Again this comes at a hefty price tag. 

6. Pinterest and Quora are the best

Previously I talked about "Quora", and I've explained why it is more important than paid ads for bloggers. 

Now let's talk about Pinterest. 


For Fashion, Decor, and lifestyle bloggers Pinterest is the only source of traffic. 

If you're living in western countries like the US, Canada, and EU countries you're most likely to use Pinterest than Facebook in 2020. 

Pinterest is the best platform out there. It is not a social platform, but it is a Visual search engine. 

7. Create a Slideshare 

Did you ever use Slideshare? If not check it out. It is linked to the product part of Microsoft. 

It is also a free platform where you can share valuable content on slides. 

I know you have to have a focused niche to go through this. But If you own and operate a tech blog, then try Slideshare. 

Slide share

It takes time, I know that. But it really with taking a risk. Many companies don't allow employees to use Facebook in office premises. 

If you're able to leverage Slideshare you can have valuable readers from other trusted platforms too. 

8. Add reviews on other blogs

Adding reviews and commenting on other bloggers, will help you in two ways, one is you get to know you're a competitor and you can tap into their audience base. 

Please don't try to sell your self, tell them how you feel about the article, and praise them. and write a personal email telling them if you include a link in you're article. 

This way you can create a better relationship with you're competitor, and they can share valuable information with you. 

Follow other bloggers and reply to every blog in the best way possible. 

9. Create Private groups on Facebook

Private groups are like communities inside the community. You don't understand rite. 

For example, you are a blogger who is blogging about, Food and Recipies, particularly there would be a community, rite? Like that, if you have a private group, you can have a dedicated group of followers where you can share your thoughts about your next blog and tell ask for the feedback. 
For beginners don't focus on building private groups. Focus on content. 

If you have more content, more people are likely to join you. 

10. Ask your Audience/Readers to share the article

It is one of the simple ways to reach more audience, is asking you're existing audience to share the content to others. 

I know most of them to don't, but if you do simple math you can know how important it is. 

(Source: 99desins)

If 1 out of 10 readers share with others, it may be on an email or social media, if you have 10K readers then you'll have 1000 new audience rite. 


Pushing the publish button is not that easy. You may have many questions in you're mind. 

What others may think about me? What if there are mistakes in the blog? and many more.  

What I can say is that no one is perfect. First, focus on content and then focus on promoting it. 

Everyone has to sell something in their lives. You may like it or not. It doesn't matter, simply promote on all the social platforms. 

It is much easier than selling directly to someone. 

Blogging is the best platform where you can have more valuable customers and trusted friends. 

as a beginner doesn't focus on selling anything until you reach a considerable number of readers.